15 PAY TO LOSE Skins That NERF Your Champion - League of Legends

15 PAY TO LOSE Skins That NERF Your Champion – League of Legends

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00:00 Intro
00:40 QOTD
01:22 Omega Squad Teemo
01:56 Omega Squad Veigar
02:21 Arcanist Kog’Maw
02:43 Battlecast Kog’Maw
03:00 PROJECT Zed
03:30 Mecha Zero Sion
03:58 High Noon Urgot
04:24 Arcade/Pulsefire Caitlyn
04:46 PROJECT Vayne
05:06 Arclight Yorick
05:32 Star Guardian Lux
05:58 Lightbane/Infernal Karthus
06:21 Pulsefire Ezreal
06:48 Outro

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42 thoughts on “15 PAY TO LOSE Skins That NERF Your Champion – League of Legends

  1. Don't you talk about my Ezreal in his pulsefire skin, dude. It gives me a sensation of aggressive power and besides that, my first Pentakill ever happened thanks to my Ez pulsefire

  2. QOTD: I'm glad that Zeri is getting a new skin very soon but I do think she should get a Hextech skin, it just fits well with her theme.

  3. I feel like a lot of this boils down to "it makes an effect that is already present in the coding of the game too obvious" which is just bad game design in general; the default or other skins should be brought up to the same clarity. Also feels subjective, I don't really have a problem discerning default Yorick's ghouls anyway.

  4. there is no way to "pay to lose".
    literally just recognize the hitboxes on the normal champion, and when you use skins for said champion, just hold your abilities to see where they'll go.

  5. As a yorick main I gotta say that arclight is good for normal players but one thing worst then his minions is his in game look cause his arclight splash art is basically golden but in game is only bright yellow so they basically made arclight yorick bad while it could've been great

  6. Farmer Nasus. Just Nasus in overalls and a farmer hat with a Hoe, his AOE is a corn field, his ult is a bunch of farm animals flying around him and every time he farms his Q he starts singing. Pls Riot

  7. What a bs video xD Most of these "nerfs" assume that you already have trouble recognizing spells, in which case you probably should check your reaktion awareness or eyes in general. If anything these flashy skins only buff teammates by drawing attention away from em for a bit. Also Pulsfire Ez is the smoothest skin and you didnt even explain what your point was with him and how it accures.

  8. I'd say pulsefire cait is P2W
    If the enemy gets caught by a trap their character freezes mid animation
    which gives the impression that they are stunned instead of rooted
    which makes some players stop pressing buttons when they get caught

  9. I know I'm years late now, but Aurelian Sol as Shenron. His orbs could be dragon balls. It's too good not to make or at least a look alike. Plus he's been out for awhile and never sees any love.

  10. i closed the video after what you said about Omega teemo. Can’t agree on “buying cheaper options” just because a skin has a noticeable knife as skill. It must be noticeable because i want them to see how beautiful it is. Graphic effects wont make the difference, a good fiora will always perry my Q, it is about when i decide to cast it.

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