7 Things You Need To Do In Fort Joy - Divinity Original Sin 2

7 Things You Need To Do In Fort Joy – Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin II is a game you could potentially spend hours and hours in a single area, and still miss a ton of cool stuff. So we’ve come up with 7 things you might’ve missed from the game’s starting zone, Fort Joy.

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21 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Do In Fort Joy – Divinity Original Sin 2

  1. 4:40 D-did you call Sebille… Sybil?

    It's suh-beal, rhyming with the word automobile . Gosh.

    edit: and Lohse to you became… Losey? LOL it's low-suh. And Ifan isn't iffawn, but rather If-fahn. Iffahn. Ifan. See? Pfft.

  2. There is also the woman that asked for a potion to heal the man if u heal him then talk to him he will give u a card so u can win the card game against the npcs on the fort joy wall

  3. One thing you can do after completing the final engagement you wish on the island is to speak to the well in Braccus Rex’s tower after saturating it with water. Typically, you will be at or near level 9 (or 10 if you are a psychopath) when you’ve finished all the duties on Fort Joy. This is important to do at this stage, because the rewards forthcoming scale to your current level, meaning stronger stat rolls. Save before paying the well’s fare for 150 gold, and keep rolling for the ring or belt that you want. After that, use the Mask of the Shapeshifter that you can find on Wendigo or if Fane can create one to change into another race to pay the toll again for another ring or belt! You can always save before paying the fare for a quick re-roll. Just always make sure to save after receiving one with enough stats that help your character, never want something tragic to happen like quickloading on accident after a god roll.

  4. I'll tell you now my friends and I have done 60 hours in game figure things out and finding all the little things without help and we just got to act 3

  5. One of the people there died due to Gang violence. I was planning on taking this person later in my team. Due to that i might have wiped Fort Joy completly out after completing some quests and went on with my live

  6. Where’s the fun in making a lizard character you ask? You don’t need a shovel taking up your inventory space. Common sense, my friend.

  7. ALSO, I don't remember if it's exactly in the starting area of fort joy or the next area away, but you should kill windego, she drops some good stuff. Including a mantle that'll let you transform into a human, elf, lizard or dwarf 🙂

  8. it's impossible to keep the cat alive. I was almost done and got to the gate with the magisters guarding it and a loser archer shot my cat to death. I killed all magisters, enjoy the slaughter on the house. 😉

  9. Replayed as Magic build this time. Never got to finish my first playthrough.
    I just got out of Fort joy with 22h this time. Not a single thing left to do. Level 9.5 when I got done. Now onward to the next chapter!

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