8 Way Directional Movement | Walking Backwards, Strafing And Much More - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

8 Way Directional Movement | Walking Backwards, Strafing And Much More – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

Hey guys, in today’s video, I’m going to be showing you how to set up directional movement with 8 different directions. Forwards, backwards, left, right and diagonally in each direction too. In a future episode we will set up turning in place too to make it look better.

Retargeted Animations:
Mixamo Animations:
Blendspace Reference Image:

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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Overview
01:01 – Setting Up The Blendspace
08:04 – Modifying The Animation Blueprint
10:13 – Finishing Touches In The Character Blueprint
11:02 – First Test
11:31 – Final Overview
11:49 – Outro
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34 thoughts on “8 Way Directional Movement | Walking Backwards, Strafing And Much More – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

  1. Hey guys, since I can't link specific animations on mixamo, I'll write down what I used. Let me know if I missed any!

    Walking Backwards (Tick in place)

    Right Strafe Walking (Tick in place)

    Right Strafe (Tick in place)

    Left Strafe Walking (Tick in place)

    Left Strafe (Tick in place)

    Jog Forward Diagonal (Tick in place) (Download one normally, and another one with "Mirror" ticked to get both left and right)

    Job Backward Diagonal (Tick in place) (Download one normally, and another one with "Mirror" ticked to get both left and right)

    Slow Jog Backwards (Tick in place)

  2. This works perfect for my game. I want them to be able to create distance without turning their back to the opponent (back attacks are, say, double damage). When you turn your back to run, you are making a conscious decision to do so. Awesome tutorial!

  3. Thank you for this! However, I seem to be having an odd issue. My movement seems fine until I turn around…. then suddenly my W and S keys are reversed. i.e. if I am walking forward and change direction, I have to now press S to continue moving forward or else I just start walking backward. Any ideas on a fix?

  4. Animations didn't work. For some obscure reason problem came from the white execution wire going into SET Direction. Dragged one from somewhere else and now it works. Took me several days to find what was wrong.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the great tutorials. I'm learning a ton. Quick question, after implementing this, the character completely ignores all attempts to adjust speed based on current speed and forward vector. I've tried multiple different solutions that run off of activation of the forward axis and I just cant get stuff that was working before to work now. Any insight would be amazing. Thanks again for all your hard work

  6. Hi, great tutorial. Loved the cheat sheet enabling me to pause the video to use as reference. I can't find Walking Forwards & Backwards Right nor can I find Walking Forwards & Backwards Left anywhere. Any pointers would be really useful mate. I have Autism, so the term I want to search for is in my head but it just doesn't come out in words, that and the search engines have become unreliable these days and forums have thousands of topics to sift through which are hours wasted when I could be getting on with my project. All the best mate.

  7. Glad I found your videos.
    I'm having a little trouble and didn't know if someone might have an idea. I have all the animations in, but when I move just a little forward, it competes the animation and then snaps back to where it started. So If i move in any direction I will get the animation but then jerk back towards the direction I was moving away from and so i end up with 2 steps forward and one step back ;).

  8. Im not sure if this has any thing to do with the implementation of this 8way direction movement, but my enemy pawn sensing now seems glitchy. if I move using the directional keys, no worries, but if I use WASD the enemy ai has trouble sensing me. again not sure if it has to to with this but I noticed it after implementing this. any help would be appreciated, thanks

  9. hello I have a problem with the animations I do a retarged with the Gothic Knight asset and in animations like Walking Backwards the mesh in the hands is deformed

    any solution for this problem?

  10. Awesome Video but somehow my walk backward diagonal animation is bugging, somehow it is way faster than all the other animations please help.


    In your Blendspace, scroll down to the "Sample Interpolation" section, and simply set the "Target Weight Interpolation Speed Per Sec" to "4" seconds.

    You're welcome 🙂

  12. Is there a way to not rotate the player while he is staying? I was thinking about enabling "control rotation to movement and rotating some animations (e.g. moving backwards 180 degrees) but maybe there are better solutions? Or maybe I should write my own function for rotating camera?

  13. hey great video! Helped me out alot.. I have however ran into a camera orient problem.. I unticked rotation to move and checked "use Controller desired rotation" I still have same camera movement.. please help

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