Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don'ts) | Joanna Soh

Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don'ts) | Joanna Soh

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Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don’ts) | Joanna Soh

Can I workout on my period? Is it dangerous? What exercises should I do when on my period? What should I avoid? That’s what I’ll be answering in today’s video!

When we’re on our period, we have to deal with bloating, mood swings, cramps, fatigue and indigestion. Yes, you should exercise on your period, saying that however, there are also certain types of exercises which we might want to avoid, depending on how your body feels. Watch this video to learn what you SHOULD & SHOUD NOT do!

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Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don’ts) | Joanna Soh

23 thoughts on “Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don'ts) | Joanna Soh

  1. I'm kn my first day of period and I have a competition in 5 days I think I'll be OK.thanks!
    I feared that months of training would go to waste

  2. I have been trying to tell my fiance not to stop working out during her periods as it helps aliviate some of the symptoms, but she keeps fighting me because I don't "understand" what periods feel like

  3. study shows that we should not do exercise during periods because this is the rest time for the women's body and exercise causes severe pain in the body after menopause.

  4. I am glad I found this video. I completed a low impact workout right before viewing this and I am on my first day now. I get pretty bad periods but I know if I move at a moderate pace it feels much better than doing nothing.

  5. Watching this video because I just called mom to asked for permission to jog but then she started telling me that I can lose my "matres" idk how to say it in English but its something that can give you a baby in the future, and then I was just annoyed because its not even true what she's saying🙄idk sometiems parents believe in things they want to believe in without even knowing if it's true or not😕🙁

  6. im a girl bodybuilder and i hate skipping my workout especally on my period!! I just have a rest day on the second and third day the other days i just lower the intensity of my workout

  7. Hi Joanna, so you did a video on this 4 years ago, but said when on your period, you are able to lift heavier due to fast muscle recovery but now I’m confused as this says do moderate weights and don’t do too much intense workouts ?

  8. 4:49
    "however this is not the time to subscribe to the no pain no gain idea"
    emi wong: 👁👁
    (this is meant as a joke and not meant to offend anyone )

  9. Hlo mam😇i want to ask few question?? Should we skip some of the steps from our daily exercises or we have to do all of it!!! 😩I'm confused, please elder sis reply me🙏

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