Can You Beat The Outer Worlds Without Killing Anyone? - The Outer Worlds Challenges

Can You Beat The Outer Worlds Without Killing Anyone? – The Outer Worlds Challenges

Can you beat the outer worlds without killing anyone The outer worlds challenge. Can you beat the outer worlds killing anyone aka pacifist. Lets find out.

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42 thoughts on “Can You Beat The Outer Worlds Without Killing Anyone? – The Outer Worlds Challenges

  1. The corporate loyalist group actually did fight the marauders inside the building in my play through. I don’t know why it didn’t work in yours. Did you try talking to their leader in the base down the hill?

  2. This game was made to have every possible way to beat the game. Like the comment before me. Set off the fire alarm to clear that room. No kill is all about dialogue and computer skills.

  3. This video is wrong, you can absolutely do a no kill run. Im not spoiling anything but theirs alot of choices and paths this video missed. This game is short compared to modern Fallout games but it shows why Fallout 4 and 76 are so bad.

  4. Stopped watching around the 9 minute mark. 1, you can do Grace's mission without killing. You just gotta sneak to Zoe when she comes near the back. She even has different dialog for it. 2, there's an obvious terminal to use a fire alarm to drive the Marauders away from inside Devils Peak.

  5. You can do a no kill but you have to initially offer up Phineas go straight to Byzantium, then go directly to get the Chemicals and skip Monarch all together.

  6. Always thought that if you wanted Parvati on the team you needed her to tag along right away. If I had known you could pick her up later it would've saved me some tension during my current and 1st Supernova run where even though I had her set to passive and when entering spots that could be dangerous I had her hold position far from the battles there was still some tense moments where I thought she might get killed.

    So this it is good to know you can hold off recruiting her till later for any future Supernova run I do, thanks.

    Regarding Devils Peak Tower the only thing I can think is that the C3 team got obliterated outside in your run. I've seen another pacifist playthrough where they actually survived the outside section and assisted the player inside, so maybe you were just unlucky in that regards. They do seem to be prone to doing crazy kamikaze runs at enemies.

  7. As far as I have found Dave B. Mitchell (Vicar Max) and Courtenay Taylor (Ada, Lilya Hagen, etc) are the only ones who also voice in Fallout NV as Festus and Gloria Van Graff, respectively.

  8. Quincy sounds like Whiterun guards (or similar, I think a lot of the guards have the same voice actor) in Skyrim. Different accent, obviously…

  9. If you read the terminal in the chairman's office, you can learn that hole in the wall is there because he was having his office expanded to include the room you enter from (which was the minister's old office I believe).

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