Letโ€™s set up Gamepad controls using the new Unity Input System!


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37 thoughts on “CONTROLLER INPUT in Unity!

  1. Hey everyone!

    To those of you who can't find the package: Unity has moved the "Show Preview Packages".

    You can now find it under Edit -> Project Settings -> Package Manager -> Enable Preview Packages.

    If you check that box, you should see preview packages in the Package Manager! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stay awesome!

  2. If you have an error smae to me; 'The 32-bit Windows player is not currently supported by the Input System. HID input will not work in the player. Please use x86_64, if possible.',
    Go to main screen Go to upper left on screen File>Build Settings…>Architecture x86 to x86_64 . That works for me, I hope work for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks for this awesome tutorial!
    Folks, anyone has an idea why my xbox controller's joystick returns only -1 and 1 values yet doesn't return any values in between as I slightly move the joystick?

  4. Oh Boy Do I Love Getting A Strange Error, Exiting Unity, Coming Back And Having All Of My Serialized Fields Be Completely Empty ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘ Mmm, My Favorite

  5. is there a way to also check the state of the button like with the old input manager:

    // Code here

  6. ohhhhh thanks, when I saw all the options that Unity gave to connect a control, with your video I finally managed to understand how to use the Input System library.
    Unfortunately in my language there was not a good tutorial on how to do this, many games already made with the scripts already made and since I did not have that project they were working with, It was impossible for me to know how the package worked when they used ready-made programs, instead of showing how each command worked. Anyway thanks

  7. ok, this is the reason why 9/10 games don't work with people that have a steering wheel, joysticks, and controller. its going to listen to every joystick, as the pedals are from 0-100 you get a character that constantly spins example or never gets anywhere in the menu. having 1 controller on a PC is the same like you are from another planet and definitely not a gamer. games with millions lines of code and then no one with a racepit or flysimpit can play it because all axes interfere each other.

  8. Is there anyone here ? Well, I'll ask my question anyway xD
    I follow the entire tutoriel for my project, and… It doesn't works, and I don't know why
    I'm on the version 1.0.2 of Input System. Studio Code said there is no error, unity too. Good ! Let's launch the test !
    I add a function on my button which permits to print some text, and I do it inside the Awake function
    And… It prints nothing
    I check the button configuration etc, and they are ok
    WHat could be the problem ?

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