Criminal Justice in a Pandemic: The Prisons

Criminal Justice in a Pandemic: The Prisons

In these two public webinars from the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge, the panels explore the enormous additional pressures that the pandemic has imposed on the criminal justice system.

In this second webinar we look at the current conditions in English prisons and explore why more has not been done for those in custody throughout the pandemic.

At the beginning of April, the government announced plans for the early release of up to 4,000 prisoners in England and Wales, to reduce prison overcrowding and to slow the rate of infection among prisoners and staff. The Prison Governors Association and Public Health England argued that releasing 10,000 – 15,000 prisoners was needed. By late April, though, a mere 33 prisoners had been released. What went wrong? What has happened throughout May? What have been the implications for the welfare/health/progression of both prisoners and staff? What are the lessons to be learnt now, and for the future – within the prison and probation systems?

Discussing the issues:

Chair: Nicky Padfield, Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice

Nicky is joined by a panel of experts:

– Andrea Albutt (President, Prison Governors Association);
– Richard Garside (Director, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies);
– Laura Janes (Legal Director, Howard League for Penal Reform);
– (Retired) Judge John Samuels QC (ex-Parole Board and President, Prisoners’ Education Trust); and
– Jessie Smith (Cambridge PhD candidate in Law, solicitor, formerly specialising in national security).

The first webinar on the Courts is at:

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  1. when it comes to criminal justice system workers your dealing with disordered damaged children in adults bodies your reaction feeds them
    they inverted everything in to something it isnt =gaslighting its all reactional response behavior when advertising on indeed for the recruitment process they may as well say calling all narcissist and psychopaths because essentially that what the vast minority of them are

  2. It's very sad to lock people up in the middle of pandemic and the mist of a drug epidemic, jail and prisons should be the last resort for any human being it's wrong it's 2021 ,if you haven't committed a hanus crime like murder rape pedifilia arm robbery etc if u did not hurt a single soul and I have a drug problem you should not go to jail, first if all a person with a drug problem is already in there own prison handcuffed to there addiction, there's not one thing about watching an alcoholic with draw from booze , it's one of the worst things I've witnessed myself , the same with all these new drugs like fentnol, it's ok for big pharma to manufacture produce these drugs … It's very sad one day the government wakes up and says pot is legal now , however there policies prior to legalizing pot they send u to jail, this is communism tyranny's unbelievable if the crime isn't violent or hanus let people out, it's killing dreams of our own country's kids and father's mother's grandparents etc al

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