Data Analyst Career Path | How to Become a Data Analyst + What to Do Next

Data Analyst Career Path | How to Become a Data Analyst + What to Do Next

What is the path you should take as a Data Analyst? How do you become one? And what do you do after you do become a Data Analyst? In today’s video lets look at these questions and see what we should do!

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27 thoughts on “Data Analyst Career Path | How to Become a Data Analyst + What to Do Next

  1. I would also like to add that just because you have attained a piece of paper which states that you know what you’re doing (I.e. degree) does NOT mean that you know what you’re doing. At least in my observations…

  2. Hello Alex, thank you for the video. I have a bachelors degree in Economics and other in Accounting, and now I’m starting my carreer path as a Data Analyst. I’m doing the Google Data Analytics Certificate Course but In your video you suggest that Excel is a must, can you please suggest me a good course so I can have a better understanding of it ? And also, after I finish my Google Certificate, what do you suggest me to do? Learn some Python? Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Alex I did accounting as a bsc. And I applied for a masters in data analytics. Is it a good recommendation for me to go on? Since I do not have a background knowledge in computer science

  4. Hello Sir. I am currently a Health Informatics Graduate student at University of North Carolina. I want to work as a data analyst. Please suggest me how can i study and shape my career? Thank You.

  5. Hey Alex , Thx for the great content, I would like to ask whether DS skills like ml , nlp are ever used in data analytics jobs, I am asking since you mentioned them.

  6. Sir , i am actually pursuing a bachelors degree in accounting and also doing CMA(cost and management accountant) and thought financial data analyst as a lucrative profession that can help my carreer opportunities. But I dont know from where should i get a head start or from where should I start. It would be really helpful if you reply.

  7. Hi Alex, I love watching your videos. I studied computer programming diploma for 2 years , graduated in 2017 and I am looking to become a data analyst. I have no experience but I am thinking of getting a bachelor's. Which Bachelor's degree do you recommend and does it have to be a specific college/university? I live in Ontario Canada. Thank you 🙂

  8. Hi, Alex! I'm looking to change careers from being a Quality Assurance Consultant to a Data analyst. I'm currently in the Philippines and can't travel back to the states. Do you know of any company offering a remote setup? I'm finishing up on my Python and reviewing SQL again, as my current position never utilized SQL so I'm a tad bit rusty.
    Thanks bud!

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