Day in the life of a Forensic Science Student

Day in the life of a Forensic Science Student

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Hello and welcome back to another look into my everyday life as a forensic science major at university. I love putting these out for you all, as they are received so well and I am very appreciative of that.
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Questions about me:
Q – How old are you?
A- 21 years young

Q- where do you go to university?
A- I am studying my masters degree at the University of Huddersfield

Q- What do you study?
A- I study Forensic Science at the University of Huddersfield

Q- What camera do you use?
A- My camera for higher quality shots is the Canon M50 (My child) and a vlogging camera for easy portability the Canon G7X

Q- What do you use for lighting
A- I bought two softboxes, pretty cheap but does the job perfectly!

Q- What do you use to edit
A – I use Movavi Video Editor on my main computer but on my laptop I use iMovie

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26 thoughts on “Day in the life of a Forensic Science Student

  1. Hey MjcMatthew.. Im planning to do my Masters in Forensic Science in UK.. Could you please suggest me a uni in the UK that is best for the course? It would mean a lot to me if you could kindly reply to me brotha..

  2. Hii, I want to do a degree in forensic science too. Uhm I’m quite confused, what would be the best degree to do at undergrad?? Forensic science, biochem or just a chem degree?

  3. I mean….that's a very very very basic definition of taphonomy at 7:15. Lol. Taphonomy is anything that happens to the body post-mortem. So that could be scavengers, decomposition, the movement of the body by either natural or man-made processes, fossilisation, and really just about anything that happens after death. You're welcome from a bioarchaeologist who studies human skeletal remains. 🙂

  4. I love how you keep your videos light and put a bit of comedy every now and then so the whole vlog isn’t super dead serious ? I honestly keep laughing my ass off every time I watch your videos, which is a good thing ? Keep it up ???

  5. I saw a human autopsy. I wasn’t traumatized, but I didn’t feel comfy watching it.
    But if it was cat, then I’m throwing hands.

  6. Man i just started watching your vlogs and I'm fresh out of college hoping to major in forensics and watching this video showed me what not to do other than showing up to lectures and lab sessions

  7. I am on the path to become a forensic scientist as well & i gotta say im very glad i found your channel!! Keep it up man ?? also yesss i have a very twisted & psychopathic mind so here i go off to search for the autopsy now ???

  8. Hey i just want to ask one suggestion from you that basically i am an indian and i would like to persue my career in forensic field so can you give me some advise because i think in india courses related to forensics are less and there is less scope of getting job so what do you think i should study from foreign or from my country only please give me some advise its a request to you

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