Edit PDF files on an iPad - Write & Save Changes! вњЌпёЏ

Edit PDF files on an iPad – Write & Save Changes! вњЌпёЏ

This video shows you how to edit PDFs on any iPad, allowing you to write on it and then send the changes to anyone. It’s especially useful for school work these days! You can either screenshot the pages, or send the modified PDF.

Works well with learning platforms such as Oak Academy and ClassDojo.

You can write on it using your finger, use a really cheap stylus, pay a bit more for an electronic stylus (£25-£30) or go for the very decent (but pricey) Apple Pencil (£90-£120 depending on your iPad model). Just make 100% sure the make/model of stylus will work with your iPad before buying.

12 thoughts on “Edit PDF files on an iPad – Write & Save Changes! вњЌпёЏ

  1. Is there an easy way of keeping the original pdf for use time and time again? I use this method as shown for quoting jobs (just starting this new process opposed to pen and paper) emailing to myself each time once my document filled in, however each time original document gets filled in is now unsuitable for the next time I use it.

    Excuse potential silly question just trying to go paper free and make things as simple as possible.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I have. a question – when editing a PDF in Books, once i have clicked on the edit tool, I then cannot seem to go to the next page without unclicking edit tool, scroll to next page, and click edit took again. It's pretty annoying, any ideas? Essentially id like to be able to scroll from page to page without unclicking the edit/pencil tool. Thanks

  3. I was hoping this would show how to edit a PDF, not just mark on it; e.g., how to change a scribble to type, get rid of a word, insert a word, insert or delete a space, etc.
    "And on the iPad it's the power button and the (unintelligible) at the same time."

  4. I have a question; on my computer my PDF is looking fine but when I open it on my iPad the math characters change to dots. I don't understand this and every time I open it its the same thing. Some of the characters will be normal but for the most part the rest are just dots (division, parenthesis, multiplication, negative and positive symbols)

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