Feeling Depressed vs Having Depression – How To Tell the Difference

Feeling Depressed vs Having Depression – How To Tell the Difference

This is a very relevant topic in this current time as we deal with this pandemic and all of the negativities that comes with it. I don’t think we’ve begun to see the mental impact that this is going to have on us long term. Drug manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for antidepressant because more people are being prescribe antidepressants to help with the situation.

And it makes sense. Look at what we’ve got. Long-term social isolation and disconnectedness, loss of life and economic ruin. Any of these things by occurring by themselves can set you back emotionally, but all of them simultaneously can fill you with apathy making you not want to go on. Does that mean you have depression?

Not necessarily. Depression is an emotional state. Major depressive disorder is an illness. As humans we’re reactive. But not every negative reaction is an illness.

Levels of Functioning
Superior functioning
Life’s problems never seem to get out of hand for you and you’re even sought out by others because of your many positive qualities.

Mild dysfunction
Mild anxiety related to a stressor like an exam
Worrying about finances after losing your job
Having symptoms that are expected reactions to a stressor like trouble concentrating after you’ve had an argument with someone

Moderate dysfunction
Some trouble sleeping
Trouble meeting personal or work/school responsibilities because of thinking problems or poor motivation
Occasional panic attacks
Some conflicts with coworkers or relationship problems

Serious dysfunction
Feeling suicidal, being unable to keep a job
Having no meaningful relationships
Severe obsessional rituals

Profound dysfunction
Being delusional
Neglecting personal hygiene
Being frequently violent
Being unable to work because you can’t get out of bed
Making a suicide attempt

Global Assessment of Function Scale GAF scale

GAF scale

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26 thoughts on “Feeling Depressed vs Having Depression – How To Tell the Difference

  1. I have no idea where I am in this. My gf just left me and it's been a roller coaster. I just started eating again yesterday after two weeks. Sleep is still hit or miss. About the only thing I'm still doing is showering, feeding my nephew and making sure he is up for school, and going to work. Then struggle all day to keep working and not get fired.

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  5. What if it's actually logically sensible to choose not to live anymore.

    If I'm dead I won't know about any good things I miss the chance of experiencing, but will be 100% avoiding all the pain/discomfort I would've felt.

    Why can't 30 odd years have been a decent life?

    Plenty I enjoyed. Why stick around for the (most probable) punishment?

    I live as to not upset family but that is not a great situation.

    All g though, just a little vent.


  6. What if you just kind of have episodes? Like, first I start to cry, then my palms hurt, then the feeling grows. My heart feels like heart break or something. I can become so depressed I lay in bed, almost unable to move. I can get up for a job, but I'm sluggish, and everything just hurts. I'm fighting inside myself, and feel like everything is just going wrong- like fate is set against me.

  7. Hello Dr Tracey. I grew up not knowing love, beaten, kept away from peers not to play together my dad valued books than our social lives. In school i was mobbed, from fellow classmates to teachers who used canning as a punishment method. My entire life till now 35 am being mobbed. As a result i dont know how love really looks like and feel even if one says it i dont see/trust that. To cut my history short, i suffer from anxieties, fear people,major trust issues,i avoid people i enjoy being alone, in companies i feel uncomfortable, i choose my words, talk so little, i learned a skill not to be mobbed by faking laughter and smiles which is really exhausting but later my true self come out and am back to square one alone.Sometimes am energetic sometimes am so down, just want to be at home and sleep, neglect home chores,do major shopping and holidays alone,feel its not worth living,sometimes worth living,always feel people are talking about me, hard to maintain relationships, work, if am wronged by someone i forgive but it reaches a point i just cant hold conversation with the person based on trust issues. I have been to therapy and psychiatric but never been diagonised. I know i suffer from something but litellary i got no clue what. I have learned an art of accepting and loving myself inorder to survive.Its really exhausting to be missunderstood.Ive been called dumb,shy,antisocial,to hard to be understood person,snub etc.If i had a good childhood/upbringing, will i be suffering as i do?

  8. Since this Corona virus
    I have days in which I'm happy boosted but then after few days it feels hell ( I have people in my life who are always holding knife at my back ) ( Who pass derogatory comments regarding me infront of me and I can't even say anything in my defense just for the sake of respect )
    I'm really sick of anxiety attacks
    I just try to not listen what other say but its hard to ignore words which come from people who belong to u

  9. I have never seen a doctor or therapist about it, but I'm certain I suffer from depression. I recently took the Enneagram Institute test… I'm a four, which came as no surprise. Not sure how much credibility that has in the psychiatric community, but it made a lot of sense to me… I'm detatched. And I like it that way, even though it makes me feel extremely lonely

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