How Does PUBG Run On a $100 iPhone Compared To My $100 PC?

How Does PUBG Run On a $100 iPhone Compared To My $100 PC?

With many mobile ports of popular console and PC games available on both Android and IOS, it’s no surprise that the mobile gaming market is so huge. Recently though, perhaps one of the most demanding PC games of recent time has made it’s way to phones, and that is of course Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

With the game struggling to run smoothly on my cheap £80 / $100 setup, I just had to see how it ran on an iPhone 5s after I received a viewer request on the subject.

PC Specs:
FX 4100
HD 5850

Thanks for watching 🙂

31 thoughts on “How Does PUBG Run On a $100 iPhone Compared To My $100 PC?

  1. I really love this game lmao it’s actually fun! I made a few pubg mobile gameplays in my channel. Also RGinHD bruh make a video about the core i5-760 :O I’m planning to buy that processor as an upgrade for my i3-540 😀

  2. Are you sure that's only a 100$ pc c'mon, you need to buy the pc then the monitor then the mouse the the keyboard then the mousepad plus so much things to do building and installing things for the pc plus you need to buy pubg in pc, trust me thats not a fair comparison

  3. I have a non-overclocked FX 4100 and a gtx 950 and i play very low and 1080p and it runs 40fps during big gun fights and 60 to 80fps in open land i'm pretty impressed compared to yours just with a cheap gpu

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