How Elena fell in love with Damon | A Delena Love story 1x01- 4x10

How Elena fell in love with Damon | A Delena Love story 1×01- 4×10

Damon and Elena have to be one of my favourite TV couples, so I decide to make a video about them. This is basically every important Damon and Elena scene up until 4×10 when Elena first days that she loves Damon 🙂

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  1. Damon envied Elena being human. And fell in love with her human self. Stefan respected Elena’s choice of not wanting to be a vampire but always wanted her to be one. Damon never did. Sure it was easy to love Stefan but Elena learned to love Damon even though it was harder for her to accept it.

  2. 5:48 Elena and Bonnie most certainly changed him because remember when Kai was gonna kill Bonnie at Alaric’s wedding and he snapped his head off. The biggest character development to me

  3. So I now finished the seasons and the best of the show was the love between a more mature acting Elena and Damon. So I do not fokus on all the irrational story-lines beside, e.g. people dying and characters still making party. Unfortunately first Nina couldn't stand Paul and then her relationship with Ian brake up, so this immense treasous romantic story stopped somehow and then Elena played "Sleeping Beauty" till the end. The story with mother Lily and the harethics is forgetable. And then, after a siren, the devil himself is walking on Earth as Cade. New vampires are crowling around with "no daylight ring" (forgotten?) only to mention one of the mistakes in the ending seasons. Caroline and Stefan as new couple? Really? Somehow season 7 and 8 do not fit into the storybook of 1-6.

    What did Stefan say in the beginning seasons? Sucking human blood and turning of emotions and empathy brings out only the worst of what you already have inside. Stefan played the good vampire in public and blamed Damon for everything what went wrong. But even in his worst moments as bad vampire and predator Damon did not kill just for fun. Stefan the ripper / reaper did, he killed terribly just for his own fun and pleasure. Damon was so often whipped as a child by his sadistic father, because he took all the guilt for things he didn't even do just to protect his six year younger brother. Damon believed he is worthless and nobody is able to love him. Stefan continued blaming Damon and wanted to be well-liked. Thus he just forgot, that HE turned Damon into a vampire. So one of the best moments of the last season for me was, when bad Stefan the ripper/ reaper was bunching and slapping Damon around trying to kill him and his brother just said to all of this "I forgive you… I forgive you all what you have done to me…" – And Damons so heartful "letter" to Bonnie. Starting to ask for forgiveness from his victims.

    We were all waiting what might happen when Elena wakes up for the finale, meeting Damon again and has to hear, that Stefan died. Well – it was more like "Elena back – what is she doing here again?!". Not much romance or fire, even when both actors tried their best. In the end scenes Damon wants to sacrifice himself to stop the hellfire destroying Mystic Falls, but Stefan (got human) knocks him out, injects him the cure with his blood and sacrifices himself instead by saving the town. Damon becomes mortal, but with the cure now in his blood. The end of the show was very mysterious and connected with the beginning: Young Elena writing her diary "after a long life", sitting at the tomb of the Salvadores. A raven comes as "soul bird" and sits on the tomb, and suddenly Damon appears (as ghost? Or real?) near the tomb. (In the book, vampires could turn themselves into animals, e.g. a bird.) Both walk together to Elena's former house, but Damon leaves her there and could not follow her into her heavenly afterlife, were she meets in her father's house human relatives and friends she had lost. Instead, we find Stefan's ghost waiting in the half-destroyed, dark house of the Salvadores, waiting for his brother, who comes to the door and joins him. (We have learned, the area for supernatural beings was destroyed as well as hell. And Stefan was in a sort of afterlife.) If human, we learnt from Catarina / Katherine, that old vampires can only survive in a re-humanized mortal body very short, they get very sick, age and die after several months. Maybe the guy stays alive as long as he has the cure in his blood.

    And yes, the weird romantic and tragic love story made it worth watching the show and will stay in my memory. Would have loved to see more, but…

    And I would love to see more stuff from Ian Somerholder, it upsets me when my favorites mostly only get the chance of making ONE show or movie and then are not given any good roles anymore. They really deserve more sucess.

    As I have heard, in "The Legacies" Elena and Damon (?!) got human and had children. In "The Originals" Damon the vampire had the cure in his blood, but did die after the death of Elena only because Rebekah came and suck it out.

  4. the thing is what they have was really epic, frndshp turning into love-hate relationship and finally falling in love with him after she realises how much he cares about her and no-matter how selfish he acts it's only cuz he cares about her and he was so blind and terrible that in the way of protecting her he doesn't care about the collateral damage even if it puts his frnds lives in danger and i hate how they kept hurting his feelings through the entire show, u know how mis-treated he was, the first 3 seasons they made him a half-hero half-villain and put him in a dilemma about elena's feelings for him and through that entire time, elena said right in his face that she don't know what she feels about him but she loves stef, i mean wth?? 🤦, if she only cares about stef tell damon to go away and don't be with her, it's like using him the whole time, and then when he finally got the girl, they ruined the show mostly delena, sire bond, cure, silas, doppleganger shir, prison world, erasing memories, coma, psychics, they literally never let him have his moment with elena

  5. The character of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was much more charismatic than the character Stefan, which was played just boring. Elena (Nina Dobrev) was a just super good looking but extremliy stupid unmature girl. Not at all "Buffy-like". The actress tried her best, e.g. role of Katherina, but the script of Elena was just written badly. I really hope, this will change later in the seasons. The "young" actors and actresses are playing teenagers of age 15-20 years, but looking 10 years older. The "older" actors and actresses are looking at least 5 years too young for their parental role, not much older than their kids. For me, the best actors (till season 4) – and a lot we already knew from other good series – were next to Ian Somerhalder: the actors and actresses of Elijah, Jeremy, Caroline, Alarich and Alexia ( Daniel Gillies, Steven P. McQueen, Candice Accola King, Matthew Davis, Arielle Kebbel).

    I did not like Stefan (Paul Wesley) because his role was scripted badly and he looked in the series like a humped prostitute and drug addict, sorry (make-up, hair style etc. of James Dean)! Damon and Elena are a better match of a couple, because he did not let her (stupid 17 year old?) handle him (more than 160 years old) like a obedient idiot. And he stayed in his role as a tough, sexy and smart vampire, even when it gets romantic. Surprise, surprise! Stefan was not the good guy shown in the first season, and Damon not that bad guy either. –

    And beside, I wonder how much the directors got from the whiskey and wine companies to promote so much alcohol für young people in every show.

    The werewolves in the show have more in common with Indian (Native) skinwalkers than with mythical European werewolves. The transformation of the material form is more spiritual done, with change of energy manifesting as animal form. And not spectacular like in the show by "breaking each bone of the body"… In the book, the vampires can change their form into animals as well (e.g. Damon as Raven) and are much more telepathic, which was neglected after season one. Stefan "chasing squirrels and rabbits in the woods" remembers me on an owl.

    Everybody in the show has much money, need not to work or go to school, are super slim or with muscles, too much eye lashes for the girls, too short skirts, and far not enough people of color in the leading roles. Police or law seems to be not existent in this town.

  6. What I love so much about these two is that Elena doesn't "make" Damon good – she forces him to see the potential of him being good, and he actually pushes against that in the first few seasons.

    When Damon eventually sees that he can be good and redeems himself a little, it's because he chose that. And I think that's so beautiful. Even when Damon's more ruthless and morally grey in the first few seasons, you still see how much compassion he has for Elena and vice versa.

  7. I belive the saying that a man calling you his girlfriend means noting ,a man calling you his wife means noting what means everything is a man changing his ways just to be with you.🥺

  8. the fact that damon loved elena even after so many rejections. stefan eventually fell in love with caroline but damon loved elena always. (lets not bring katherine into it because she was loved by both)

  9. That moment in Season 1 when Elena tells Damon that she's sorry about Katherine…that's the moment I fell in love with them. Damon's surprise because no-one has thought about him and his hurt in 145 years, not even Stefan, and Elena getting to see the human, caring side of him!!! I want to combust!!!!

    There are a few flaws and red flags in their relationship, but the one overarching theme of Delena is their immense compassion towards each other. That's what makes them special.

  10. I agreed with Kai. Damon with Elena is still revolting with or without emotions. I would have even accepted that college guy over Damon in the ending. Stefan and Elena were still somewhat acceptable.

  11. Did anyone notice in the earlier seasons once Damon and Elena become friends he shows her a side of him that no one else gets to see

  12. I mean I love Damon his character, his character development, etc. But I feel like Elena is low key a b*tch. Like for one, dragging it out for so long, repeatedly telling Damon that she loves Stefan and kinda flaunting their relationship basically shredding Damon’s heart. And two. After FINALLY realizing she loves Damon, she does a 180 and Stefan is the one who has to push her to realize her feelings while breaking his own heart in the process. I mean Stefan and Damon are mature and selfless about their feelings, pushing the girl they love towards the other and Elena is kinda just like “hey Im in for the ride!” In short, Stefan and Damon are angels while Elena is a heartless… you get the idea.

  13. I love you elena and because I love you I cant be selfish with you
    I don't deserve you but my brother does
    I will never ever gonna forget those words

  14. His acting level is incredible… Every last bit of emotion scene are perfect. Nothing more or less…♥️ . He is the perfect one for the role nobody else can replace him. That's with 100% sure…………🌼

  15. i love how he says that if it came down to bonnie and elena he would let bonnie die, but then in season 7 he doesn't kill bonnie to wake up elena 💗

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