26 thoughts on “How much Money do Day Traders make?

  1. I just started day trading seriously. I'm still working a full time office job making 14.26 per hour 40+ hours a week, so I need enough to at least replace that income. So far in the past 3 days I've made $4000. Going pretty good so far. I'm gonna keep my job too for now just in case lol

  2. Like your honesty…. unless I am missing something the video seems to imply that only a minority of serious day traders actually make money……

  3. I got to this world 3 months ago and it is just so exciting and interesting and i love learning all kind of new indicators and etc. I hobestly have more losess than wins, but my wins are biger than my losess. And the more losess i have the more i learn and win

  4. started 2 years ago….had $2000 in my account……now i made it into $25000😎…but as soon i was gonna withdraw my profits this morning……my mom waked me up😡

  5. Fantastic Information! Very Impressed! I agree, I make more money not listening to people's empty headed comments. "Misery loves company", and beings they are miserable, I don't want to be their company! Good Job!

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