How To Fix Stutters, FPS Drops & Input Delay for Valorant

How To Fix Stutters, FPS Drops & Input Delay for Valorant

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0:00 Intro
0:44 QOTD
1:12 Graphics Settings
3:08 Skins
3:46 Clean Out Your PC
4:46 Update Your Drivers
5:32 Task Manager
6:35 Files
8:15 Razer Game Booster
8:59 Uninstall Anti-Virus
9:58 Outro

In-Depth FPS Fix:

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49 thoughts on “How To Fix Stutters, FPS Drops & Input Delay for Valorant

  1. Idk why, but my valorant's fps is just decreasing so much even if i lowered all the settings and sometimes if i restart my computer it either still decreases or increases so i have to restart my computer for that sweet fps

  2. on overwatch, my fps is around 80. on valorant its 59, and it drops to 10 or below it sometimes when esp ultimates are used 🙁

  3. Can anyone plz help me my PC specs are very good but when I play valorent sometimes it is smooth 100 or 200 fps but sometimes when I fire or pull out gun it starts lagging plz help

  4. Please anybody help me, Im having FPS drop and it's annoying. It's stable from 140-ish to 270-ish frame and in between, 70fps comes. so it's kinda freezing for a moment when 70 fps comes in the middle. I already lowered my settings. I have a core i7 7700 and GTX 1060 6gb

  5. i average 300-400 fps with a rtx 3060 Ti but i still manage to get frame drops/lags sometimes and it’s starting to annoy me. please help

  6. I think I legit fucked up my pc I updated my drivers and went from the windows 10 version to the windows 11 version and no everything is so fucking slow

  7. I am playing on a 8gb ram with amd ryzen 3 cpu and i am lagging in it Any ideas? i cant play it properly 😥😥my laptop lags and lags

  8. Guys I am not gonna lie the first thing limit fps is very helpful just by doing that i get constant 150 fps and no in game freeze any more try it

  9. I have an i7 7700 with integrated had 630, so, when I start a match for the first free mins my fps stays on 80+, then all of a sudden when an enemy comes near it drops to 0, and my GPU usage drop to 5% from 100%. Then again fps goes up to 80+ this thing repeats throughout the game. Pls help🥺

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