How to get Scholarship to do Masters or PhD in Korea

How to get Scholarship to do Masters or PhD in Korea

Today I will talk about higher study opportunities in Korea for those willing to do their Masters or PhD from here. KGSP the most prestigious and popular scholarship for doing graduate studies in Korea. I will upload a detailed video on KGSP graduate scholarship later but in this video I will give you brief information about this.

If you want to study or live in Korea, want to apply for a Korean scholarship or if you want to make a career in the Korean language field, you can join our Online Korean language course. Please check the details of the course and next batch here –
This is an intensive and in-depth Korean language course which starts from alphabets and covers the syllabus up to TOPIK level 2.

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36 thoughts on “How to get Scholarship to do Masters or PhD in Korea

  1. Sir is there scope in fine arts in korea like in animation or graphic design ? It will be very grateful if you plz tell me . Bcz i m in 12 standard and I m planning for fine arts

  2. Sir i want to ask you that if i do my doctoral degree in India . Can I get job in korea . I heard that Indian doctoral degree are not valid in korea . Or if i do masters from Korea and then apply for job . Sir please tell me I m so confused sir 😔🙏🏻

  3. Hlo sir my name is purna dixit and I from India.. I want to do PhD from korea but i think my marks are not sufficient for this it is 60% above so can I apply for gks scholarship

  4. Sir if our program for PhD is theory based not research based so do we need to contact the professor for PhD in theory based subject as well as i contacted them but didn't get any reply so is it fine to apply for PhD with professor recommendation

  5. Sir I am in class 11th and a student of PCB and I want to do study and job in Korea so what should I do after 12th and which batchler and master degree I should do in Korea to get job in Korea
    Plz sir help me🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Hello sir,
    In India bachelor program will end by March or after that, so what would be the good time for us to apply for kgsp for year 2023??because my bachelor program will end by 2023.
    And regarding the apostille, can i get it done by the respective University?

  7. Hi sir I'm from Bangalore and just for degree purpose I'm doing my bcom in local government college. and I'm taking cs(company secretary)course in private .I want to go for Korea for masters. Does Korean University accept the students studying in government college in Thier home country?? Please tell me sir will studying in government college affect me to go for Korea??please tell me sir I'm very confused

  8. Hello sir
    I am a bpharm final year student .i am very intrested to study koare for my mpharm
    What can i do for that?is it possible ?
    Please give me reply sir ?

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