How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

How to make a simple pop pop boat from house hold materials. This video tutorial shows you a step by step guide for making a model pop pop ( put put ) boat from an empty coca cola can, a juice carton, 2 straws and some blu-tack. Easy and great fun idea to make with kids. Use an Epoxy glue rather then blu-tack to make the boiler stronger and last longer.

Be Careful not to cut yourself on sharp drinks can, you may want to wear safety gloves.

Music: Plucky Daisy – Kevin MacLeod (

44 thoughts on “How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

  1. Man I remember I tried it when i was little when I went to my sister's place ..ah I always used to put hot glue between the tins so it never actually worked 😂 but that music is nostic

  2. im glad this was in my recommendation, those boat were my childhood as i grow up i forgot how to make one of those , now i can make it again to feel the fun again thanks dude

  3. Bloody brilliant ideas.
    Ingenious thought of using plastic straw for a flame fired boiler. The Physics says as long as there is water inside the boiler, the plastic will not burn!
    Subscribed even before the video was half way through!

  4. My daughter and I made one of these and then my daughter comes up with the idea of saying dad and let's blow it up 😂 The look on my face was priceless I'm like we spent all this time making this small pop pop boat and you want to blow it up for what justice that going to serve child 🤣

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