How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

Step by Step guide to make wine at home from grapes. I have just sampled my first bottle after leaving it to mature for 10 months. It is the best wine that I have ever made. (Independently confirmed by my wife!)

23 thoughts on “How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

  1. Can you explain how grape got this spelling? I just don't understand why, g-rape! The fruit is neutral, sure a man/woman can rape after consuming much wine, but it's the fault of them. Grape is a tasty fruit. 8-27-2021

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  3. Im a beer brewer,being familiar with fermentation…gravity readings…yeast etc. However this video does not provide any specs on: how much grapes? How much water? Sugar? And how much yeast? Also I finf it requires too many steps. Thanks anyway. Btw, you dont need those tablets to sterilize. I use either star san or just steam boil my fruits…additives etv before adding them in primary or secondary fermentation.

  4. For those who dont know, you can literally just let the wild yeast ferment, yes you may lose the batch but the odds are relatively small and you will get a better tasting wine, thats what I do with my small commercial winery.

  5. Thank you for this interesting clip
    Howevet you are not telling people the exact measurement they need to use. Nor how much alchole corresponding to the amount of suger you need to add. I have seen many recipes and your is really good but seems you are missing some of the key points and explanation to people which otherwise make it as total waste of time
    Going through such a complicated steps require very much exact details of measurements and you are missing that which makes the whole thing as waste of time and no one would even bother to start.
    So perhaps you need to revise this clip to help people use your recipes
    Thanks very much

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