34 thoughts on “How to propagate you potato vine

  1. Love this! I fill a window box with medium n put on step out of sun n everytime a have a questionable baby piece i put it in this box no matter how tiny or sad…. it is fun to see how many become plants with a little extra care! TSMFS!

  2. Maria, thank you for sharing so much information with us. With all the bad stuff going on now, your videos are an uplifting, welcome addition to our lives.

  3. Hi Maria I started watching your channel a few weeks ago I just wanted to say I absolutely love your channel keep being yourself and definitely keep up the videos I had a quick question can you grow more than one desert rose in the same container. Thanks

  4. Thank you very much for such a great experience! We had a great time visiting with you and shopping at your garden! Our Adeniums, and cacti are doing great! We can't wait to drive to your garden soon to add more to our collection! My mom was very happy with her early mothers day adenium gift!. Thank you again for all your tips and videos! You are too kind!

  5. One of my favorite plants…I have a large deep purple one climbing a trellis against my courtyard wall…a red one in a hanging basket…and a vibrant green and a purple in another hanging basket….I will definitely be propagating more…THANK YOU for Sharing this!!….✌️💜💋

  6. You’re beautiful all around ☀️your positivity reflex on all your lively plants 💕God bless you you are an inspiration for all your viewers ❤️

  7. I grew them last year but living in KS we have to dig up the tuber and bring them in the house to store all Winter. My tubers are starting to sprout, so I will put them in water and then harvest the stems off them and put them in water to grow new plants for this season. They are so pretty and in the Fall, those 'potatoes' under the ground are so fun to find. Thanks for your great videos.

  8. Looking gorgeous Maria. I had that plant once but lost it. Kept some of its roots for the following year but it didn't grow well at all. Olá from Melbourne, Australia.

  9. Hi Maria! Why don’t you get some begonias? There are so many varieties and are so beautiful. They are also easy to propagate. They may do well in Florida since they like humidity.

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