I, Robot... You Jane • S01E08 • TPN's Buffy Guide

I, Robot… You Jane • S01E08 • TPN's Buffy Guide

Willow scans a randy demon into the internet…yes.

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Passion of the Nerd reviews I, Robot…You Jane From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1, Episode 8. Directed by Stephen Posey. Written by Ashley Gable & Thomas A. Swyden. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers. Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris. Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg. Charisma Carpenter as Cordeila Chase. And Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles.

35 thoughts on “I, Robot… You Jane • S01E08 • TPN's Buffy Guide

  1. My friend and I once had a debate about whether to skip this episode that boiled down to the opening. I said "Yeah this one is terrible" and he told me "But it's Jenny Calendar's first episode" and I grumbled back "Okay yeah but she's also in Prophecy Girl…"

  2. This is an episode which is so bad, it's hilarious. You can tell that selected members of the cast like Sarah were trying their best not to corpse during the filming of this one. Not to mention memorable moments like STAY AWAY FROM WILLOW. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    Truly, one of the greatest bad episodes of TV ever filmed.

  3. It's not a good episode but I will forever love discussion between Jenny and Giles about the nature of books versus computers. It would be worth the other 40 minutes or so even without that fantastic closing shot of Buffy, Xander and Willow realizing that none of them will ever have a normal lovelife.

  4. Ok one little tidbit that I find endlessly fascinating in this episode and I wish had been done better is how so much is going wrong outside of the Scoobies' periphery. Issues with the economy, the FBI, that one kid and his medical records, it's really an interesting point being made about how much damage Moloch is doing, but the scoobies don't even seem to notice or care

  5. I honestly think this needs a way more analytical discussion of why it doesn't pop. Yes, it is ridiculous, but the whole magic of buffy is that it makes ridiculous work and even be heartbreaking.

    I think it had a bunch of interesting ideas. I can easily make up demon rules to explain why it remained focussed on sunnydale and willow. I don't think that was the problem. I think it was more visceral.

    One issue I have spotted is the justified suspicion that we are watching a PSA, ie a "don't do drugs" sort of funded message with an agenda, the sort of thing that makes characters into shallow cutouts to push a condescending message on the viewer. If you look closer I don't think either the message was that bad or that Willow came off badly or shallow at all.. but that is only on reanalysis. First impressions count.

  6. I feel like this is actually a good early look into Willow's character and what she would become later. Deeply loving but and extremely passionate, but to a point where she can be blinded by her passion and won't listen to reason until it's too late.

  7. I'm not sure why people think the message is outdated (some people at least). These days I think people are more aware of the dangers of meeting up with strangers you've met on line in potentially dangerous situations but now it's more that people become radicalised on the internet into all sorts of polarising beliefs so the message is the same and relevant. In fact Giles' statement about us being manipulated by the internet is SO ahead of its time it's scary.
    OK the over all story line is dumb but the dialogue is great and JENNY!!!!!!!!!!! I could NEVER dislike this episode simply for the introduction of Jenny and the wonderful bickering that starts off the Giles/Jenny ship. The joy she gets out of winding Giles up, the building frustration and then suddenly realisation that maybe she was flirting with him from Giles. It's gold I tell you 😀 And the valid arguments on both sides of the computers vs books argument. And then there's the books are smell speech!
    Also, the three computer idiots attempting to delete Moloch from the library computer is hilarious to me (with Buffy typing like she's slaying that poor keyboard) and the final conversation is so on point (and sadly is also a direct commentary on Giles/Jenny, however unintentional that was at the time).
    This is a candy episode for me. I know it's bad but it's sooooo good 😀

  8. I watched this one a lot as a kid because I was in love with Jenny 😂
    Season 1 gets roasted a lot but the campy energy is way more entertaining than the yawnfest that is season 7

  9. Ngl, I started watching Buffy in part because of your video praising it. It was at this episode where I a quick imdb search would make the difference between me unethusiastically continuing the show until it'd fizzle out or whether I would keep my hopes alive. And lo, she would be in 14 episodes overall, which was good enough for me.

  10. I'm gonna be totally honest… I kinda love this episode. Primarily because of how bad it is. It kinda reminds me of a bad, schlocky B-movie… and I love bad, schlocky B-movies, haha.

    I think it also helps that I have a certain taste for camp, hence I really enjoy season one while also admitting it's objectively one of the weakest (if not the weakest) seasons.

  11. Best thing in this episode, is the fact that Willow has zero reaction to fact that someone just been kill on front of her…
    Well.. it's a bad writing or foreshadowing, who the fuck can knew that? 😀

  12. I wonder, does anyone else feel like there's a level of hysteria involved when it comes to collective reaction to a thing? Certain opinions become sacrosanct and then it seems people accept these opinions without too much thought? There are a handful of Buffy episodes that the collective has deemed 'bad', even if that's not how everyone (or even most people, I don't know) feel/s; Teacher's Pet, this, Bad Eggs, Go Fish, Beer Bad, Where the Wild Things Are, Doublemeat Palace come to mind. With the exception of Go Fish, I like all of those episodes (and not just in a, "oh it's Buffy so of course I like even the terrible stuff" kinda way). They are probably the weakest episodes of the series, but they're all fine, or even underrated. I wonder…

  13. This one was hilariously stupid. Awful, but I still enjoy watching it.

    Really like the premise of the demon escaping to the net because the scanner "read" the book though. That's a clever idea.

  14. I actually like this one! It’s somewhat of a PSA, but I find it gives some really interesting foreshadowing and focus on Willow’s character. We can see hints of Willow’s relationship to Buffy and her place in the group, a sort of resentment in a way that she is a “sidekick” and that she feels it’s her turn to be in the limelight and be “interesting”. We can see a bit of girl social competition and jealousy in there too. If I remember correctly, for me it’s one of the first episodes where we get the hint that Willow wants to be as “special” as she thinks Buffy is, that even though she’s very insecure and very hesitant in the episodes up to then, there’s a shadow of an inner narrative where she wants the spotlight or even to replace Buffy. This is something we see more in more as they grow up. She’s almost disappointed when Buffy comes back in later seasons when she’s been taking over the slaying with the others, and she’s attracted by witchcraft because of her thirst for knowledge but also because it gives her a sense of being powerful, unique and as much of a badass as Buffy. (I love Willow as a character don’t get me wrong) And yeah as someone else said, it makes sense that the monster would choose her because of her tendencies and vulnerability. Plus “predators prey on influencable and vulnerable people” PSA.

  15. So we are getting the Whole of Buffy again on our channel E4 here in the UK. I was going to give this a miss, as I did Teacher's Pet and the Hyena episode – But I watched it anyway. Sure it falls way below standard, though I'm not quite as down on it as TPN is. Its still has some good moments of gang interaction…. One noticeable thing is that this isn't the Giles 'father figure' of most of the series – Instead A.S.H is asked to play an American's stereotype is a fuddy Brit… (I see I commented on this episode 9 months ago… Well today I comment because I've just watched it again.. yes, really

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