If TF2 Ran On Windows 98...

If TF2 Ran On Windows 98…

Ever wonder what TF2 would be like if the entire game was composed of Windows 98? No you probably haven’t, but here’s this video anyway.

Never did I ever imagine when I made this silly thing all those years back that it would gain such attention and be labeled as a “classic.” Thank you so much.

I’m sure you noticed that a lot of the error sounds and pop-ups were not actually from Windows 98. Well, I done goofed there. Oh well.

Songs used (In Order):
Magnor Land of Giants – Serious Sam
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet – TF2
DamAmbienceTheme – Duke Nukem Forever
Windows Error – Remix

26 thoughts on “If TF2 Ran On Windows 98…

  1. I've enjoyed the hell out of gmod back in 2010s, but this kind of thing never gets old. I'm so nostalgic of these times, but I am happy that I've lived through them and I'm even more happy to realise that I've realised it back then.

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