I'm 19 and Just Started Grad School, How Do I Stay Out Of Debt?

I'm 19 and Just Started Grad School, How Do I Stay Out Of Debt?

I’m 19 and Just Started Grad School, How Do I Stay Out Of Debt?
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22 thoughts on “I'm 19 and Just Started Grad School, How Do I Stay Out Of Debt?

  1. I have a PhD and it’s worked out for me but I tell everyone the biggest mistake I made was rushing into grad school. I should have worked for a while first. This girl absolutely should go to work and I think she’d find her interest and goals will evolve and her path forward will get clearer.

  2. If you blow through college try to get as much experience as possible. Soak in as much as you can and get applied knowledge. I know people who graduate early but have no experience in their field.. so good luck to her

  3. I know someone who is in grad school.. Getting loans but did have the cash to pay it but holding on to it.. They quit a $60k year job as their professor said they need to do so to be successful in the program as work was demanding and some homework was late. I am so mad he would tell students this. I don't like seeing people going broke.

  4. Got my Master's for free. Understated income on FAFSA, went to an affordable state school. 100% tuition free and I had multiple full time jobs. Bought an older affordable 4X4 SUV and paid it off in 90 days.

  5. This was me. For anyone wondering, I did dual enrollment in high school and early admit my senior year. I graduated high school with my Associate’s then finished my Bachelor’s Degree a semester early.

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