Is A Master's Degree Really Worth It?

Is A Master's Degree Really Worth It?

Is A Master’s Degree Really Worth It?
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27 thoughts on “Is A Master's Degree Really Worth It?

  1. It’s only worth it if you’re actually going to use it or change professions. For example, a master’s degree in school counseling is required and necessary

  2. There was a series of articles in the WSJ about the value of a master's degree. It depends on the school, tuition, and field. Some even prestigious institutions with high tuition left their graduates loaded with debt and only earning about minimum wage in an area like theater. On the other hand right now MBAs seem to be worth it.

  3. As someone with a Master's degree I can say that it definitely does not! But I'm still glad I can have it, just cause I can tell people that I do, and that I'm usually the most "educated" person in the room haha

  4. Nope I could do the same job I have now with a bachelors degree, but my masters was essentially free (aside from the time cost). I completed the degree debt free with grants/scholarships, but how much money could I have saved working for those 2-2.5yrs I spent earning that degree probably 100-125k so in reality the degree cost me 100-125k despite being fully funded/free. 

    The value in having a masters degree depends on the field but it's really just the title. I've worked with plenty of people with masters degrees and zero experience in the field who are complete idiots. And I've worked with people who only have BA degrees that are phenomenal.

  5. My husband's boss in an IT company had his degree in Forrestry or something. I am sure he got IT training within company. What I am saying your Masters will help you do lots of different things later on.

  6. I went to college as a 38 yr old. adult, married with two children. Grad. BS in 84. I applied for grants for free credits. Went back to Masters, finished in 94. Pay went up and my knowledge base. Then took every workshop for free credits. I had to pay for some. So I ended up with Master plus thirty. The most important thing for me getting my Masters was proving to my self that I could do it with God's help. Just do it. I paid off all college loans which were small.

  7. I’m in my Masters program now and I fully anticipated that it might never help me in my career. However my company pays for it fully and so I wanted to take advantage of that. Then I applied for a promotion at my company and in the interview the MBA was mentioned and asked about many times. I think it helped me get the position. Also, I love the material I’m learning. It’s very applicable.

  8. Do the Masters Degree! My Master’s degree cost $4500. The first year income went up $6000. This impacts not only annual income but your pension. Shop around and do a much better job of finding a lower cost Master.

  9. Get the Master's! You say you want to keep teaching and don't want to move into administration but c'mon. In 10-20 years you might feel differently. Especially when you see the pay increase you would get becoming an administrator.

  10. Teachers that spend 300k+ on education to teach and then complain about how much they make are a serious problem. How do parents still send their children to be taught by these people?

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