Joe Biden ‘utterly unfit’ to be President of the United States

Joe Biden ‘utterly unfit’ to be President of the United States

Joe Biden is “utterly unfit” to be President of the United States, according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

“It blows my mind how world leaders like Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson suck up to such an intellectually bereft individual,” he said.

“We now face a more unsafe world with the militant Islamist Taliban more emboldened than ever.”

Mr Jones said the Biden administration was “too slow” to help evacuate thousands of Afghans who are now “in peril” from Taliban rule.

“This is all due to the weak political leadership of the West.”

39 thoughts on “Joe Biden ‘utterly unfit’ to be President of the United States

  1. They have to get rid of biden fast before he distroy the country and were going to be at point of no return if biden keeps this up god help up us all were going to a point of no return.Washington better hurry up

  2. The man is not practical. And, common sense and practicality are needed here. So, he's floundering. Whether you like him or not, Trump is general-like, so much better suited for what is occurring right now. Philosophizing ain't going to cut ! 😒

  3. He never was a leader, he's a lying moron fraud,and what he's doing is Treason on the whole country of the USA, SINCE he's around we never heard anything good that pertains the Family Name " Biden"

  4. You really think the Democrats are going to take him out of the White House you've got another thought coming they've done so much other crap that's against the law

  5. And yet Jones would happily endorse lunatic Trump, who lives in a fantasy world where he thinks he won an election that even the GOP stooges who ran the Arizona audit couldn't give to him.

  6. The US left all their weapons in Afgan for the taliban, millions of dollars worth. Paid for by Chinese govt since theyre taliban friendly.
    What we saw was a brilliant in your face, ARMS DEAL.
    When Biden was inaugurated who was that Chinese official behind him?

  7. In all seriousness,. Biden is more than unfit to be POTUS. Biden is a sellout and always has been. The man we see now is The real Joe Biden. A conniving, sniveling, scammer who made his son Hunter his bag man in Ukraine. Hunter Biden is a hard drug addict and will probably come to a terrible end because his family is getting him no help and ignoring his real problem which is mental illness and drug addiction. Pretending Hunter is an artist! What a crock! But I digress. Joe Biden has betrayed us by elevating the Taliban. He let them have their victory. They are parading in their country wearing our soldiers uniforms and pretending they are us. I saw the parade they held in Kabul. Most news stations won't cover it. Not because these news stations don't want to hurt the US, but because these news stations are on the Taliban's side. Twenty years ago on 911, these SOBS attacked us and changed our lives forever. We were living in peace with them before that date. But these terrorists could not bear to see us happy and living free and these terrorists living in squalor and decay and torment because this is what their leaders got them. Look at Afghanistan! To me it looks crappier than it did 20 yrs ago. Now they'll go right back to oppressing women, oppressing minorities,. killing, hanging people from helicopters like we saw on TV, beheadings. Taliban, Al Queda, Isis or Isis K is all the same. They are all in the same group. Not one is good and one is evil. No no no. They are all no good. And I'm sure Joe Biden and his very "elite" and stuck up administration as they are will come to see just how no good the Taliban is. History will judge them very harshly I am sure. This episode is a stain on America's souls. America doesn't surrender and we don't leave our military behind. And Biden has left our Afghan helpers behind,. American civilians behind including a girls soccer team and a group of teachers and students that are from California. They are all stranded over there. And military dogs are stranded in Kabul too locked in cages. I understand there is some group over there taking care of these animals. Our administration here is lying when they say no one is stranded over there. There are plenty of people stranded over there and Biden don't care. Much like Biden don't care about his drug addled son Hunter, who as I said, needs help and Joe won't get him any help. Joe Biden is an SOB and he'll rot for all of this. Thankyou for listening to me. But this is much more than disgusting. Words fail me here.

  8. UTTERLY! Keep the hits coming…pull back the covers. He's a fool ….and the pedos have a abundance of children now unaccounted for…..Evil along with DR JILL.

  9. My lord man why do you think I voted for President Donald J Trump? What pisses me off is the voting machines elected Blunder, there are not that many stupid people in this fine country to legally hav elected him.

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