Little Nightmares 2 - Before You Buy

Little Nightmares 2 – Before You Buy

Little Nightmares II (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) is a horror adventure like no other. Here’s why you should check it out.
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22 thoughts on “Little Nightmares 2 – Before You Buy

  1. Thanks for the review, gameranx! We wanted to mention that the audio-only puzzle you pointed out actually does already have two visual cues that will help you solve it if you don't have sound or are hearing impaired – there's a visual effect when you are close to the correct solution and another visual effect that you see after you've picked the wrong solution. We hope this helps!

  2. I am the thousandth comment. That's a flat 1000 people. As I sus out whether to buy this game or not. Just a flat, even, clean thousand comments. The alpha and the omega. Nobody fuck it up now. I take'th this throne with heaviest burden…

    I shall…buy…the game….yes. yes I shall.

    (Taking a dump, go away)

  3. After Completing both games I can say that it is a 10/10 experience with the first game being a little bit finicky but for me that didn't disrupt my playthrough and actually made it feel more challenging, But Little Nightmares 2 is far more improved upon, the visuals, sound design, story and even the controls have been improved drastically. Both games are 10/10 if I had to choose 1 it would Be Little Nightmares 2 but still I recommend playing both games, don't let price deter you!

  4. after playing it for the first time yesterday and finishing it in one playthrough, this review is spot on. I am so glad I got to experience this masterpiece. I'm in love with this game now.

    Fuck IGN"s shit "review", that was a spoiler and complaining fest.

  5. This is going to be my next purchase, I loved the first one, the DLC a bit less but still good. And Little Nightmares 2 seems very promising, and I love the fact that Six is there and the interactions between the two characters l look great

  6. The bully combat was tough until I got aggressive. Stopped waiting for them and trying to time my hits, just rushed them and smashed them all in. Worked way better.

  7. my first acid trip i was playing little nightmares on the ps4. the trip started to kick in while I was trying to use the mirror on that japanese lady. I actually lost track of what I was doing and actually ended up dropping my controller and smoked out of my cart to calm me down. After a while the trip intensified a lot, I kept feeling like I was in the belly of some monster, a pink colored ominous purple belly and the sounds from the game were still going on too so I really started to loose track of stuff. I then started to get anxious cause it was 6 am and the trip still didnt die down and I started sweating and taking off my cloths looking at the time. But the whole time idek why I felt like I was in the belly of something. I havent fully recovered from the trip to this date, and i cant look at the insides of peoples mouths ever again without getting flashbacks to the pink color belly of the beast I was in.

  8. After so many years this game is the first game that frustrates me with control and mechanics and i experience so many cheap deaths and get mad instead of enjoying the game.

  9. I’ve just started playing this game today on my Nintendo Switch OLED and I’m bloody impressed so far. I haven’t got to far into it but from what I’ve already played I’ve really enjoyed, from the music to the gameplay. The character models can definitely make you feel uneasy when sneaking through a level!

  10. I didn't play the first one but bought the second one today hoping it wouldn't effect the game play haha thanks I still have no idea what the orginal story line is but so far perfect for spooky month deff over priced I payed almost 40 bucks for it but it is really interesting! I've seen many play it and I'm glad I got it. I was bored after finishing spirit of the north and this is really different but the puzzles are nice!

  11. For anyone wanting to buy for enhanced editions its currently on Amazon in UK and Europe for £17.04 for the 'Day One Edition' brand new, worth every penny, it looks stunning anyway but on the PS5 (And XBSX/S I'm sure, I know they are patching rtx) this game looks incredible, there is an area with rain drops and if you want to show your friends your new consoles abilities put this on.

  12. I'd wait until it gets on sale. 25 euros is way too overpriced for a 5 hour game. Overall pretty disappointing. The very trial and error nature of the game keeps getting in the way of the amazing atmosphere. Feels super outdated, the 3D platforming doesn't work with that 2D camera angle. More frustrating than anything else, which is a pitty since there's some much potential for greatness here.

  13. ive gotten every achievement in both games yes including hard to the core, and i loved little nightmares 1 wholeheartedly but 2 seemed off and kinda gross to me the AI six solved most of the harder twin puzzles and made the game more action and jumpscareish which i praised the first game for not having, being eerie and creepy making everything feel off without needing to throw cheap scares out. On top of that i felt they made the monsters first while the first feels they made the setting and the nightmares to fit that setting as why would there be a hospital right next to the school and, oh kids are scared of two things out in life, school and medical people. it got so much praise from critics but my favorite part was the final chapter and then the end pissed me off, six changes moods twice in the 2nd game and they are strong mood swings both are different than how she is in the first game, and unless you get a walkthrough or miraculously waltz into all the off screen secret places you wont get the secret 10 second scene trying to justify the ending and explain the weird actings… it just felt weird the polish on the game though and sound design were well worth the praise i felt the story though fell flat for me, and the first will always be better in my opinion

  14. Little Nightmares was much more intense because of no trial and error. Trial and error actually made many great moments feel not scary at all. Whereas Part 1 really was memorable because of the one-go chases.

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