41 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado – Maneater (US Version) (Official Music Video)

  1. God even all these years later this video still gives me a stffy downstairs I used to get 1 when I was younger but im now a 23 year old man still watching this video ? give a stiffy

  2. I'd appreciate it if someone here can/will verify for me if this is indeed the song that was playing in the background in Camila Mendes' video; the one in which she's wearing a Velma costume at a Halloween party. Thanks in advance!

  3. The beat and tone of the song was top notch back then. But right now, the lyrics to me sound very trashy haha sheeeeeet this was the stuff people were singing in middle school / high school when I was younger yikes!

  4. Почему тут не анимешников тип 20 тысяч на запястье это эстетика рана но именно это песня эстетика риндо так что случилось что тут нет никого кто пришёл сюда из-за эдитов по тм

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