Obey Me! ANOTHER ONE (Vine edition) *Spoiler again*

Obey Me! ANOTHER ONE (Vine edition) *Spoiler again*

My soul now belongs to them! I hope you all enjoy and see you all soon (I hope).

Obey Me!:

I do not own any of the vines shown in this video. Also I do not own Obey Me! (at least I wish I did).

32 thoughts on “Obey Me! ANOTHER ONE (Vine edition) *Spoiler again*

  1. 0:57
    As a boy who played the game, this make me cry/tear up a little because it's rare that people acknowledge the fact that boys too play this kind of games and Obey Me have a gender neutral character so that people don't necessarily have to think it's a girl but the actual Player, however people still use girl OC that are all the same and used only for Fanservice.
    Thanks for considering both genders!
    (Even if there are more, but it would have been too long of a write adding every existing gender XD)

  2. Ok, so I just figured out that staples meme. So fOr those who don't understand, they went to staples (the store) in doubt that they had staples but they did. So they went to dicks to find… I think you can fill in that blank 😅

  3. Diavolo: so I gave the brothers a human and now they won’t let go of it
    mc being hugged by all of the brothers
    Diavolo: they love it

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