Outlast - Insane Difficulty Mode Speedrun W/ COMMENTARY (Full Game Walkthrough) Lunatic

Outlast – Insane Difficulty Mode Speedrun W/ COMMENTARY (Full Game Walkthrough) Lunatic

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. Outlast Insane Mode Difficulty!!! Entire speedrun walkthrough w/ commentary, tips and tricks for the Lunatic Trophy. Please Subscribe

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Whistleblower Insane speedrun –

If you are in need of a battery during your playthrough, here is a list of some of the batteries

Admin – Right after entering the asylum and squeezing through your first gap. It’ll be in a drawer in the first room on the left. This will give you two full spares as you start with only one.

Prison – There’s two you can grab here. You can find a battery in the area with the first encounter with the variants. This will be in a room behind the guy who is behind the glass beating on a corpse. You can safely enter this room before hitting the button if you keep your distance from the guy there. There’s another one near the room Chris Walker comes breaking into and you need to jump into a ceiling vent. It’ll be next to the inactive door in the hallway outside the room. Just get it before hitting the button.

Sewer – Just past the room you enter with the guy you need to record for a note. Before going into that room, continue down the path and you’ll find one on the ground next to a corpse.

Male Ward – Near the end of the chapter, before climbing into the window of the burning cafeteria, continue down the hall, turn right and it’s in the first room on the right.

Courtyard – Don’t be afraid to use up all your batteries in this chapter, there are plenty in the Female Ward. There’s a couple here in the Courtyard. First one is before dropping down to the final area with the gazebo. It’ll be next to a guy standing at a dumpster and the second one will be on a bench at the blood fountain right before entering the female ward.

Female Ward – There’s five and if you used all your batteries in the Courtyard, you’re in luck. Two will be near the beginning. Right after entering the chapter Father Martin will talk to you. From this starting room, instead of turning left into the next hallway, turn right and it’ll be in the dark next to a body. One will be in the back corner of the room with the wheelchair in the dark near the locked outside doors. The third one will be between the two back rooms where you need to get the fuses. It’ll be on a shelf. The next one will be after getting the key and it’s on a table in front of you as you walk up to the third floor. The final one will be on a nightstand in the room next to where you dropped your camera. Save this for the return trip if you can.

Return to Admin At this point you shouldn’t need any more if you have 2 spares. One will in the room where you open the door to the projector room in the theater area only to have it closed on you and the other will be down the long hallway at the end in the area you need to climb out a window in the dorm area.

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37 thoughts on “Outlast – Insane Difficulty Mode Speedrun W/ COMMENTARY (Full Game Walkthrough) Lunatic

  1. i follow the exact same steps at min. 58:11 and Chris just terminated me….even when i was hiding in the stall you mentioned…Just why, idk. But still, this is an amazing guide!

    Edit: Finshed the game on insane difficulty, first run was rough and slow, second one was way faster saving up to 45 mins of the previous run… Only thing i feared the most was the part at 1:02:12 mins., that move scared the soul out of me, but in the end everything turned to be good. Thanks for the guide my friend.

  2. I’ve beaten insane mode without reloading the camera batteries and it took so much practice to learn this game from heart. I Highly recommend practicing on nightmare before attempting insane.

  3. I got to the last part of the sewers and I fucking died by the big guy to where you have to jump to climb on the ladder I ran out of batteries and it was hard to see in there and I jumped up on top of something and the big guy heard me then my character went back into the water and I died I’m fucking pissed

  4. have it on my ps4 hut just bought all outlast games in pc and I've watched the games so many times but I'm still shitting myself whilst playing

  5. I found out that the elevator 36:54 on the other side of the outside there is two batteries down then and you won't die from the fall and you could climb back up

  6. Took me 5 tries but finally 🔥 way better to have commentary. Was pausing the video every 10 seconds to see what this guy was doing hahah worth it though.

  7. Recently gave my own crack at Insane, but first I prepared with a Nightmare run to find a flawless way through the entire game.
    The only time something went wrong was the female ward with the fuses, because I've never created a real strategy for that part.
    But after the Female Ward, it was easy until the end. Stress makes this game scary again.

    Update: I’ve gotten Lunatic and Energizer now. Planning EVERYTHING AHEAD is essential!

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