Overwatch’s BIGGEST Problem in 2020

Overwatch’s BIGGEST Problem in 2020

In a lot of ways, Overwatch is better than ever in 2020. But there are still some major problems, including the BIGGEST of all: DPS queue times! In this video I analyze why DPS queues are such a big problem, and what can be done to fix them going forward.

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34 thoughts on “Overwatch’s BIGGEST Problem in 2020

  1. Watching this video in July 2021 and I love when you say 1 3 2 or slashing the less popular role by 1 is completely unviable, yet that's exactly what's coming xD

  2. I uninstalled this game and just play apex because of this lol

    I waited 58 min one time and I thought to myself… I could get champion 3 times with this wait… so I just quit lol

  3. How about you make 2 ranked modes. One with positions locked and one not with it. And also remove quick play positions completely. I just wanna hop on and play dps on quick play without q times

  4. Nowadays I play so fiew dps that when I have to(due to Rankin or something similar) , I have no hero I'm really good with

  5. When I use to playing overwatch on PlayStation 4 it wouldn't take long before I join an game, I haven't played over watch since then, it's only just now I start playing again after I downloaded on the switch but it takes up to 20 minutes to join a game.

  6. lol the dps are to blame for everything especially the Main genji / tracer literally some professionals and people got together in a discord to organize themselves and complain about the heroes who countered them taking the game in the direction they wanted, you just have to look at the buff genji to realize that, or the reason they will leave Brigitte and mercy dead in addition to the rework to symmetra or her nerf in version 2.0 the truth between Jeff's uselessness and the Main genji's tantrums the game will die before the 2 comes out you just have to look at the forums to realize that

  7. I wonder how tf2 has a higher skill ceiling and more balance (less characters, actual utility and positioning importance) the gameplay being more engaging (movement physics be fun to learn and shooting your shots are very important)

  8. Queue times⁉️⁉️ you think that’s the problem here⁉️ how about the fact that ranked mode has a pointless ‘placement’ matches, no mmr reset, sr gain/loss makes no sense and leans toward losing sr more than gaining sr. Smerfs ruining the game whether being too good in a low rank or throwing a game = ruining anyone’s chances or going up in rank. They had a good idea for hero ban, but it should’ve been a choice by the players in individual matches instead they choose for us for a period of time for every map & gamemode.

    Another problem is the constant nerfing of our favorite heroes just because of what the pros do in their games with the exception of mercy where the devs just got upset at the low ranks for having fun with mercy’s ult and so decided to nerf her down to no end.

    Unless they fix the functionality of ranked, overwatch 2 will end up being a failure. Start by giving merit to placement matches, experiment with some heroes in their prime, a mercy hiding for mass rez isn’t an ability that needed to be striped, but rather increase the case time so that the opposing team can find her before rezing her team. Bastion doesn’t need a tight bullet spread over time, give torb’s turret a 3rd lvl again but with certain conditions, if you give soldier recoil then give that to bastion too, if you stopped oresa from slowing movement speed while shooting then do the same for dva, if rienhardt gets boop resistance, then give the rest of the tanks that resistance too, don’t make the support role be solely about healing b/c support should be anything helpful besides healing like sombra’s hacks, torb/brig’s armor packs, symm’s shield health generator. So many inconsistencies in this game and too much depends on what the pros are doing and that needs to stop.

    Edit: i should also add that the medal system contributes to toxic lobbies and needs to be removed as ppl seem to have a hard time understanding that certain dps heroes can’t get higher damage than other heroes and that it’s very possible for a non support hero to get more healing done than the support ones. Either way, the medal system needs to go.

  9. 10 months later in the game's problems have been magnified since this video. The fundamental flaw of the game is that it's trying to mesh FPS style shooting with obscure ability characters. I'd rather play Genji or doomfist simply for being unique instead of soldier or McCree who just to represent gun types. The tank and support roles are even worse because the game is so damaged centered now, you get characters like Baptiste and his assault rifle which should not be the obligation of a support.

  10. I think it's a core design flaw. TF2 had had arguably only 1 dedicated healer and 1 hybrid tank character (while heavy is tankiest he can still deal incredible dps as well, so he is more hybrid). So 85% of the roster can and will deal damage most of the time. Valorant, while also flawed game in other places, gives anyone pretty equal offensive capabilities(cuz everyone can buy same weapons) , so most characters are more or less 80% dps and 20% utility or support skills, and even the dedicated healer will still shoot things most of the time. And in overwatch… If you are healer you have to heal most of the time, if you are tank, better hold that shiled up all the time, no no fun of shooting things allowed for you. so 4 out 6 charactes are not allowed to have fun. Nicely done!

  11. Yet DPS players refuse to play support or tank. It's because of the obvious difference between the number of characters in each class.

  12. Blizzard can't balance heroes properly. Their balance patches always lead to one hero being extremely op and another hero extremely weak.

  13. It's simple numbers when 2/3rds or more of the player base is a dps main and you limit them to 2 out of six slots. Of course you're gonna have a wait time problem.

  14. 2-2-2 would have been fine if we had more options for Tanks and Supports, there's so little options compared to DPS and to top that they keep giving massive nerfs for tanks and supports which makes it even less fun to play with characters that keeps getting worse every time.

  15. I used to be a Reaper main, started playing since beta, when they introduced role queue, I was waiting more than actually playing the game, and "practicing" during the queue never attracted me, today we have the "no role" again, but now there is a HUGE problem, all healers and tanks play the role queue, so the "no role" becomes 5 dps vs 5 dps, at least before you had the occasional support. So from my point of view, the game is pretty much unplayable.

  16. This is silly, dps time is worst problem? Stupid, play a different role, the problem with dps taking longer to get in game is too many people want to play DPS. The game has much worse issues like balance.

  17. It’s funny how people have the patience to wait so long to avoid playing tank/support, yet don’t have the patience to see if they can help turn a game around instead of rage quitting and screwing their team over.

  18. We can first play a tank/heal role, then team up with the players of our match and then choose DPS only so that the time will be almost equal

  19. Drawing dmg players into tank and support roles might balance queue times but won't change the other problems. (1) wins are too heavily influenced by the performance of dmg roles relative to tank roles. Of course tanks can and do influence the game and sometimes even be the secret sauce, but more times than not it comes down to whose dmg players are better. Tanking can be excruciating as you get slaughtered over and over, never getting a chance to make plays. If Brig and Moira got reworked and OW added 2-3 more healers, support would be in a great position. More tank options are needed as well, but the whole role of tanking needs to be made more relevant. (2) The game favors PICKING the right character over player performance. Yes, performance matters but is outweighed by a rock-paper-scissors style game. The impact of decision-making needs to happen more at the in-game interactions level, not at the character-select screen. I know its expensive, but I really think the only options are for Blizzard to increase OW games to 14 players or to decrease to 10 players. Another option could be to make a new class/role: Flex. So a match could require 1 tank, 2 dmg, 1 support, and then allow 2 spots to fill any role. This would allow more degrees of team creativity and risk while maintaining a semblance of team balance. Either way, make tanking great again.

  20. Just play tank and support
    Dps queue is long tank and support are really good
    Such as Winston, Orisa, roadhog, and rein
    For me Ana, lucio, mercy, and zen are good support
    Characters better than dps

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