Post-COVID syndrome: Heart and lungs

Post-COVID syndrome: Heart and lungs

Now that we’re a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to have an understanding of the lasting long-term effects the disease has. Prolonged symptoms have colloquially been called long COVID, and those who are experiencing these symptoms are colloquially called long haulers. Long COVID may also be referred to as long-term COVID, chronic COVID, or post COVID syndrome, as no official term has been established yet.

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35 thoughts on “Post-COVID syndrome: Heart and lungs

  1. I have covid now, I came with an acute fever, heart beat over 130. inflammation around my heart. I was discharged today since I was feeling better. now my heart rate has gone way back up again so I have to go back.

  2. No womder there's no data on long-Covid! People are sent home from their doctor's who are telling them they are hysteric!!! WTF!?!?!?

  3. since april 2021 i went from one health issue to another it began with herniated disc, then prion disease and to be lucky enough i had covid while recovering from previous issues and it hit me so hard and sometimes i experience choking while panick attack i cant breathe properly and i feel so down sometimes i used to be fit and doing one of my passions MTB FREESTYLE and i tried to comeback many times and it ended up being worse and i feel like i cant rest properly bc of school and everything around it every doc told me im just depressed but i know that its not just that but now im waiting for being send to Medical Centre in High Tatras so i hope i will get better if you reading this and experiencing it good luck you got it we all got damn im so motivated i just cant push myself but love yall we got this also wim hof method is really helpful for me try it for sure (sorry for my english)

  4. 120s… post covid medication doesn’t work anymore and doctors already tried 3 different BP meds on me. I’m constantly between 145-160. I have no idea what to do 🙁

  5. i have been having burning feelings on the top left of my chest, also been having shortness of breath. I have also this feeling where i may faint may cause me to panic. I do not know why but hopefully it is serious. I have taken Heart Rate tests, oxygen levels were fine and blood test. All show to be good so i dont know if it is anxiety or not.. Please Let me know.

  6. this is all because of the vaccine, i was completely fine. got my second shot 2 months ago, ever since i’ve been experiencing chest pain, lung pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and difficulty breathing

  7. Anyone having trouble eating ? every time i eat something it doesnt feel right,and my stomach almost always hurts and its not digesting properly,aside from anxiety this is my biggest problem also…also 0 appetite,idk when to eat or when im full but the feeling in my stomach is just disgusting,chest pain is also present…. Will this ever go away is my concern

  8. It’s crippled me. Got it the second time and I’m out of work I’m so fatigued. Chest pain when I walk anywhere or stand too long.
    Headaches confusion etc. it’s no joke

  9. I am 20 years old and I developed asthma after catching covid back in October of 2021. To this day I have days where I feel okay to do something but have to stop, and there are days like today where I can’t get out of bed because I can’t breathe standing or moving around. I seen a pulmonologist and I currently take generic Advair 113/14mcg and my rescue inhaler I use almost 4 times a week. I’ve been out of work since then because I can’t breathe, I was taken to the hospital from work in an ambulance for an asthma attack and left home by ambulance multiple times for asthma attacks. It’s 6 months now and I feel like I’m never going to get better, trying to keep hope. Praying everyday to be healed. The doctor said it takes time, how much? We don’t know exactly but he did say up to a year.

  10. Caught Covid December 22, 2022. Somedays I can mow the yard with no problem and somedays i push the mower for 5 minutes and I have to stop. My heart races and I feel anxiety. After 5 minutes of rest I can mow for 5 minutes again and repeat. Yes, this is real and I don’t know how to fix it.🥺

  11. As I have experienced
    If I m exposed to cold I started to cough a lot and because of this it will hard to take rest could not sleep at night beacuse of cough and lots of mucus in the airway and become hard to breathe and make weird noise …I stay all night …i sit instead of sleeping bcs i could breath in this position.. and beacuse of coughing a lot my best ribs start to hurt at one time ,headic
    Also there's few red dot in my skin which is like pimples but no.. 😂

  12. Post covid from the beginning of this year being double vaccinated, i experienced intense coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness. I managed it for a few weeks and one day at work I couldn’t talk and had chest pain. They said i had bronchitis due to covid and put me on prednisone and zpack and gave me an inhaler. i have not experienced the breathlessness again but now have asthma and have to use my inhaler a few times a week. combined with my allergies i have everyday it’s been very tough and it’s two months after

  13. Why has all the vaccinated have persisted cough, fatigue and lung issues? Check out all the serious side effects from the jabs….and now the 4 shot is coming to America! All this stuff you’ve mentioned was a WARNING not to get the jab! Thanks evil fauci!

  14. I contracted the virus last year February but wasn't hospitalised because I didn't show any symptoms, and it wasn't until this previous December that I started feeling severe chest pains, difficulty when inhaling and sometimes shortness of breath.

  15. 5 weeks after testing negative from covid. My cough got worse, experiencing fatigue, body weakness and pain, on and off sore throat, random stomach pain, cold, runny nose and feeling feverish especially in the afternoon. Is this long covid?

  16. Bhai mereko Sep 2021 main COVID huatha. But Dec 2021 main hospital main admit huatha due to breathing prblm. I tested all CT Thorx, X ray, ECG, blood test .but all reports r normal. After 10 days i discharge. But now my problem is too much serious- regularly caugh every 2mints, neck pain, leg and hand joints pain , breathing problem. Now i m taking regularly nebulizer and montec l . But symptoms not less . Pls suggest me If any better treatment.

  17. I got vaccine and caught covid which did my body bad..that was a month ago now I'm having chest pain doc said its inflammation..headaches top of high blood pressure problems n shortness of breath

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