Pretending To Be A Forensic Scientist For More Than 20 Years | Conmen Case Files | Real Crime

Pretending To Be A Forensic Scientist For More Than 20 Years | Conmen Case Files | Real Crime

Gene Morrison from Manchester pretended to be a forensic scientist, perverting the course of justice in more than 700 cases and pocketing thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash.

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From “Conmen Case Files”

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35 thoughts on “Pretending To Be A Forensic Scientist For More Than 20 Years | Conmen Case Files | Real Crime

  1. The girlfriend was charged as well, right? If not, she definitely should've been simply because she accompanied him. But for Adam to literally see that clown reading something upside down and not call that into question and report him just goes to show how much they, even if indirectly, enabled him and how badly they dropped the ball.

  2. How can you fake something for that long and still NOT make it legit?!?

    But even worse, how did not one person in the courts or anything else not figure him out sooner?!? 20 years?!? Not one of them? That clown needs to be thrown under the jail. Anyone who plays with people's lives, ESPECIALLY innocent people's and victim's lives, gets no sympathy. But shame on everyone who should've known, but didn't. They simply didn't do their job(s) and were incompetent. They should be held accountable to some extent as well. Absolutely unacceptable on their behalf. If you work in or around the law and get duped like this, I do not feel safe nor comfortable with you in any capacity knowing how easy it is to get over on you and how easily fooled your are. How do you not know who you're calling on to be a witness in case?!? And then them for them to try and act like this con-artist clown was just an amazing, smart, and cunning dude to absorb them of accountability and responsibility because they simply didn't just verify his background just goes to show they shouldn't be trusted and need to audited.

  3. they couldn't find better pics of this guy? this is very poorly done. The photo looks like a copy of a copy of part of a photo!!! I saw another show about this guy YEARS ago, maybe 6 or 7, and was horrified. Can't believe it took all these years for them to do another show on him. This situation is so untenable it's ridiculous. and all the women who are speaking are looking sideways and it doesn't look right.Was this shot during the pandemic??

  4. Since he was using experts , I can tell that everything was genuine only that he wasn't the one who was doing examining process himself but using experts instead , Clever 👦

  5. shareholders also do no work.
    through dividends they are handed the money earned by countless others who do the actual economically productive work.
    put another way; the wage increases earned by workers being ever more productive, year on year, is handed to shareholders.
    this is also a monumental con.

  6. Man I can't make a judgement of this man being good or bad. He is an aspiring man. At the same time he did things that was very dangerous. If I was one of his client, I would want to kill him but fortunately, I am not.

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