Python WiFi

Python WiFi

Python is such a great language to learn!
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Learn how to code with Python: 0:00
Demo: 0:11
Python scripts: 0:56
Windows netsh Commands: 1:32
WiFi profiles: 3:05
Show WiFi: 3:57
Python script demo: 5:06
Python script explanation: 6:15
E-mail information: 9:36
Be careful: 10:01


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47 thoughts on “Python WiFi

  1. Pretty misleading imo. You are simply scrapping already known network information that you have locally on your machine.

    And if the response is, but think about if you send this script and get someone to run it on their machine to find their network security keys. Well that is true but if you can get someone to execute a script on their machine, this script is not nearly as malicious as it could be. At that point you could literally completely hi-jack the machine.

  2. It only gets you saved passwords in your PC. The python code is just executing CMD Commands. We can also do it in C# or other languages and even you can do it by creating a batch file which is very simple by the way. This python code can help us to save time if we forget our wifi passwords. Anyways thanks for the video.

  3. The Wifi Networks are only the Known networks of the computer, not the other networks it can see. Meaning it's only networks the computer is or have been connected to, but not the ones it havent been connected to.

  4. you guys can change the last 2 lines of the script to this

    max_len = 25

    for wifi in wifi_list:

    name_len = len(wifi['ssid'])

    space = ' ' * (max_len – name_len)

    print(f"[SSID]: '{wifi['ssid']}'{space}[Password]: '{wifi['password']}'")

    for it is easier to read

  5. I might be a boomer I thought script kitty was like a discord kitten, like a chick hyping you up when you run your code first time without syntax errors. Not script kiddie. lol

  6. Noob here. Complete slow burner.
    I don't understand why you say, "don't hack with this knowledge " when the show profile cmd is only showing networks your computer has already had access to. If someone changes there password this cmd alone can't get the new password.

  7. Hello,
    I have an error :
    line 27, in <module>

    command_output =["netsh", "wlan", "show", "profiles"], capture_output = True).stdout.decode()

    UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xff in position 31: invalid start byte

    I don't know, how to fix it.
    Someone help me please ?

  8. You can only use the netsh wlan … while you are on the wlan network or have used it previously. Which sort of implies you already know the key because you are on the network

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