Quake: DOPA (with Copper) (Nightmare 100%) Walkthrough (E5END: The Year Zero)

Quake: DOPA (with Copper) (Nightmare 100%) Walkthrough (E5END: The Year Zero)

This is a commentated playthrough of the Copper mod for Quake for the PC, played through the Quakespasm-Spiked sourceport on the Nightmare difficulty. All of the levels will be played continuously, and all the kills and secrets will be demonstrated. In this video, I play Dimension of the Past’s E5END – The Year Zero.

You can download Copper here:

Sean’s Better Quality Sounds for Quake:

LIT Pack for Colored Lighting:

Dimensions of the Past:

Sonic Mayhem – Methods of Destruction:

14 thoughts on “Quake: DOPA (with Copper) (Nightmare 100%) Walkthrough (E5END: The Year Zero)

  1. I think you missed a forbidden castle level in your walk thru. Not that it's a big deal. And lots of others done that level separately. Despite that this is a great walk thru man!

  2. When I said that you would be the the first, I meant to make a 100% walkthrough with commentary. They're playthroughs with commentary but they are not 100%.

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the mission packs have been done before by other people. I know for a fact that Arcane Dimensions is pretty uncharted territory, however.

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