26 thoughts on “RSI Strategy- How Traders Make $100 A Day

  1. Great video and awesome channel. Have you ever thought about checking the price to book value to ensure the stock is not over valued even if the RSI is low. Here is an example. CTXS as 7/29 rsi 19.11 but the price to book value is 56.43 demonstrating even though there is a sell off this stock is still highly valued.

  2. OMG!! I watched over 20-30 videos on YouTube, I was still confused af. By watching your video, I was able to understand RSI OB/OS in less than 10 minutes in. Thank You!

  3. Going to start investing this week, I know robin hood is easy, but I going with SCHWAB- starting with $250.00 and $100.00 a month. I make $36K a year in Florida. live tight!! 55 years old, no retirement, no savings, no emergency funds. Self employed, looking for passive streams.

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