Sociology Prof: Temp Jobs Here to Stay

Sociology Prof: Temp Jobs Here to Stay

With a slumping economy and anxiety about job security, temporary employment agencies are seeing a rise in applicants. Vicki Smith, a professor of sociology at UC Davis and coauthor of a new book on temporary workers says temp work accounts for up to 3 percent of U.S. jobs and will not be shrinking any time soon. NewsWatch 2008

4 thoughts on “Sociology Prof: Temp Jobs Here to Stay

  1. …and increased discrimination, more workplace injuries and DEATHS from unsafe conditions and a lack of training, likely to experience wage theft and pressure to work off the clock, no sick days, no holidays, no paid time off of any kind, often denied unemployment benefits, AND CREATE DOWNWARD PRESSURE ON WAGES FOR ALL WORKERS

  2. And soooo many temp nurses, running for job to job, hospital to hospital, and JEOPARDIZING THE QUALITY OF CARE FOR ALL OF US. These nurses are forced to work more for less pay, and hospitals lose the oversight of how many hours a nurse is working, or how many consecutive hours they've worked, when staffing agencies are the primary employer and not the hospital itself.

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