Sociology and Social Policy (Sociology Theory & Methods)

This video introduces the concept of “social policy” which is a broad term used to refer to a wide range of policies specifically designed to reform or improve society. #aqasociology … Read More

Identity | Education | A Level Sociology

In this lesson, we’re going to be talking about the concept of identity within the context of schooling and education. Join this channel to get access to perks: The learning … Read More

Gender and Crime – Reasons for Male Criminality | A Level Sociology

The possible reasons for male criminality are explored in this A-Level Sociology video on the relationship between gender and crime. #aqasociology #AQAALevelSociology #ALevelSociology #CrimeAndDeviance

Sociological Theory: Structural Theories (Sociology Theory & Methods)

The key structural theories such as functionalism, Marxism and most kinds of feminism are introduced in this A-Level Sociology revision video. #aqasociology #alevelsociology #sociology #theorymethods #sociologyrevision 0:00 Introduction 0:07 What … Read More

Defining Ideology | Beliefs in Society | A-Level Sociology

What do we mean by ideology? Is religion an ideology? This short video for the Beliefs in Society topic for AQA A-Level Sociology explores the issue. #alevelsociology #aqasociology #beliefsinsociety Timestamps: … Read More

Interactionist Theories of Crime and Deviance – Lemert | A Level Sociology

This video outlines the work of Lemert who wrote about about primary deviance and secondary deviance. Lemert postulated that after someone carries out a deviant act (primary deviance) the reaction … Read More

Social Class and Crime – Corporate Crime | A Level Sociology

This A-Level Sociology revision video provides an introduction to the concept of corporate crime. #aqasociology #AQAALevelSociology #ALevelSociology #CrimeAndDeviance

Crime in Contemporary Society – Cyber Crime | A-Level Sociology

Cyber crime is the focus of this A-Level Sociology video in our series on Crime in Contemporary Society #alevelsociology #aqasociology #cybercrime

Criminal Justice System – the Role of the CJS | A-Level Sociology

The role of the criminal justice system in the UK is explained in this video. #alevelsociology #aqasociology #sociologyrevision