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The Lego Box of Life: Genetic Engineering and the Science behind Jurassic Park and Gattaca

DNA is the blueprint of life that makes us what we are, but how much do we really know about it? If you were to look at science fiction, you … Read More

Star Trek: Danube Class Runabout – Spacedock

Spacedock takes a look at the Federation’s most versatile small craft. SUPPORT SPACEDOCK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: REDDIT: SPACEDOCK MERCHANDISE: Do not contact regarding network proposals. Battlezone II Music by Carey Chico … Read More

Written With Purpose: Liselle Sambury

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THE TANGLE – NEW 2021 – EXCLUSIVE FULL HD SCIFI MOVIE IN ENGLISH A lyrical sci-fi feature from Christopher Soren Kelly. You are watching MYT MOVIES! MYT Movie Network streams … Read More

Best HFY Reddit Stories: Introduction to Human Biology 101 (r/HFY)

I wonder where THIS is going… An original story written, and granted permission to narrate by u/Digital332006 Original Post: Please consider supporting me on Patreon here: I am also available … Read More

Overwatch Animated Short | “Hero”

Old habits die hard for one ex-Overwatch agent in our fourth and final animated short for this season: “Hero.” Watch it now and then begin your watch May 24 on … Read More

WebnovelLight Novel Similar to Solo Leveling(I only level up)| Webnovel recommendation

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film "We Can Do IT" by , Hornet, Leon Studio | CGMeetup

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THE FINE PRINT | The Outer Worlds Song

‘WE WORK’ Poster NOW AVAILABLE in the Stupendium store! The Outer Worlds by Obsidian and Private Division rips you out of hypersleep and drops you in the middle of a … Read More