BA Degree in Social Sciences (Sociology & Anthropology Stream)

This video describes an overview to prospective students about the Society and Culture stream offered at the BA Degree in Social Sciences programme by the Department of Social Studies.

Social disorganisation sociology | Meaning | Definition | Causes | Effects | Examples |

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Sociology and Social Policy (Sociology Theory & Methods)

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Sociology optional for UPSC | What is Sociology | Sociology scope in India | Sociology Meaning

its a study about society and social behavior by examining the groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and processes that develop when people interact, work and live together are the sociologists. … Read More

B.A. Sociology Hons.| Course, Jobs and Opportunities| Course Glimpse | Arts/Humanities 12th| 2021

B.A. Sociology Hons. is a three-year Hons. graduate degree, the program that includes the study of social changes, behavior, activities, societies, and social organization and how people interact within it. … Read More

How to get a job after university for sociology students and grads

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Identity | Education | A Level Sociology

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City, University of London: BSc (Hons) Media, Communications and Sociology graduate Anna

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