The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding (INSANE SALARIES)

The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding (INSANE SALARIES)

Today we talk about non-coding tech jobs that pay over six figures and these salaries ARE INSANE. People think the Highest Paying Jobs in Tech require computer science or engineering skills, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some TECH JOBS that DO NOT Require Coding Skills can pay you over ONE MILLION Dollars. So for someone like me who doesn’t have a STEM Degree and isn’t technically minded this is PERFECT. All of The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding that I talk about in this video are Non-Coding Tech Jobs that pay $100k+… ENJOY 🙂

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00:00-00:56 Is It Possible to Earn $1M In Tech Without Coding?
00:56-02:23 The first Non-Coding Tech Job
02:23-03:57 A REALLY unique High Paying Tech Job
03:57-05:19 One of the Easiest Tech Jobs that DO NOT Require Coding Skills
05:19-06:23 My Favorite 6-FIGURE TECH JOB WITHOUT CODING
06:23:07:56 A High Paying Tech Job For Creative People
07:56-09:17 Another unique one 🙂
09:17-11:00 One Of The Highest Paying Jobs In 2021
11:00-12:19 A Guaranteed Six FIGURE TECH JOB
12:19-13:44 Bet you didn’t guess this Non-Coding Tech Job

Product Manager training & certificates


Project Manager training & certificates

UX researcher training & certificates

UX designer training & certificates

UI designer training & certificates

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21 thoughts on “The Highest Paying Tech Jobs WITHOUT Coding (INSANE SALARIES)

  1. 1. Tech Sales
    2. Product manager
    3. Data Scientist
    4. UX designers
    5. Product Marketing
    6. Starts & Ops
    7. Recruiter
    8. Customer Success Manager
    9. Executive Assistant

  2. These types of jobs require luck and skills that most people do not have. Being a doctor guranteees people a six figure income, but you should not become a doctor for the money. Even with the debt you still will be ahead of most of your peers. If you become a neurosurgeon you can make million dollars a year.

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