22 thoughts on “The Jones Girls – Who Can I Run To

  1. These women were in a class all by themselves. Saw them in concert and was amazed at the beautiful harmonies. They sound like angels in person and I didn't want the concert to end. For me they were the hottest female trio back in the day. Truly phenomenal and iconic.❤️

  2. I see everyone comparing songs but let's be real they're originators excape are the imitators it's easy to tweak something when you already have the blue prints and don't come at me cuz I just found this song and grew up on escapes version and shit gonna continue to listen to both🤷🏿‍♀️

  3. I have to admit, I always thought Xsacpe did this first. I grew up on Xscape (we're all around the same age). I had never even heard of the Jones sisters until I happened to watch Unsung. Wow.

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