Top 10 Creepiest Human Biology Mysteries That Will Freak You Out

Top 10 Creepiest Human Biology Mysteries That Will Freak You Out

The biggest mystery is ourselves! For this list, we’ll be going over some of the mysteries that remain about the human body that you may find interesting and/or disturbing. Our countdown includes Fingerprints, Dominant Hands, Déjà Vu, Self-Consciousness, and more! What do YOU think is the biggest mystery involving human biology? Let us know in the comments!

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Creepiest Human Biology Mysteries That Will Freak You Out

  1. Dur dur dur. It's obvious why other great apes are stronger. We switched strength for intelligence. Other apes see an unfamiliar ape and might start fighting it. Even if we don't share a language, we're still able to communicate with eachother that we don't mean any harm to eachother. Or if we do, we know how to create weapons to protect ourselves.
    Also where is sleep and dreams on this list?

    Funfact: male cats and female cats have different preferences in paws. Like, male cats are right pawed and female cats are left pawed.

  2. I will never forget the day I came across Dr itepu YouTube channel who cured my Genital Herpes virus with his natural herbs medication, you can also get in touch with him.

  3. My middle stepson when he was younger was able to use both hands for everything until a stupid school teacher made him start using one hand mostly ! Which now he hardly uses his right hand ! When younger he would start writing a sentence with his left hand get so far across the page then switch to his right hand and finish writing the sentence ! Stupid teachers !!!! The teacher was told by us to leave him alone and let him do whatever he did as long as he wasn't disrupting the class in anyway !

  4. #8 exactly why are we so gosh dang weak. We don't have poison, sensitive smell, or sharp teeth. Only thing that has gotten us this far is our intellect

  5. With the whole ape thing, does this video suggest that if we humans lose our out put control we can become stronger? such as times of emotional distress like anger, or in life or death moments, I know humans can significantly become faster and stronger when our adredaline comes into play to get us out of something or do something like instances of people lifting sides of a car which is a few hundred pounds, even if you didnt train to do so, or when your life is in danger everything for you becomes faster and you get the hell out, not feeling as much pain as you would without adredaline, basically what I'm asking is, are humans capable of increasing output energy naturally, besides working out because that obviously increases energy outpit

  6. I always thought deja but was when you saw a scenario in your head whether it was a dream or just something that randomly came to your mind I always see in my head scenarios and then later on whether it's a week later or a month later that exact scenario I saw in my head will happen in real life down to the last detail the place, the people, the conversation, and often times I hear my own thoughts like sometimes in this scenario that comes to me in my head I'll be thinking something like " oh this is the deja vu I had last month" but apparently that's not deja vu.. is this normal?

  7. What if Deja Vu is what we experience when an alternate version of one's self has completed said action, and that's why we don't remember it? Or, it could be something that's happened in a dream that you don't consciously remember. But when doing something awake that you have done in your dream, (that you don't remember) your brain gets confused and tries to remember what it's experienced before but doesn't have a memory to pinpoint 'cause it was in a dream. I'm probably WAY off. But just a theory.
    Weed makes me theorize nonsense, my stoner and non-stoner friends.

  8. what about I do not opt for notification but, like a normal person I rely on the YouTube subscriptions page?
    Is it really so hard to check what has been published the day on YouTube or you really need the notification for every single channel? Why would anybody want 50 notifications (or more) per day) for videos? Just watch them when you have time, not when they are freshly uploaded. People, think !!!!!

  9. When we studied the brain we were taught that you yawn because the brain has overheated. And yawning brings in more oxygen to cool it down. Most commonly your brain overheats when you're tired. Which is why you yawn when you're tired.

  10. Well firstly none of this was creepy at all but still interesting though, But when it comes to “yawns” I can’t recall if I read about it or heard about it somewhere like on tv etc but with yawns apparently when we yawn that it comes down to the body just simply needing a little more oxygen…..

    Perhaps when we’re tired our breathing can slow down to a more lower relaxed level causing us to yawn to supply the air we need till such time we actually go to bed and sleep….

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