Uncharted 4 Game play in REAL LIFE

Uncharted 4 Game play in REAL LIFE

Nathan Drake will do anything to save his wife Elena in this one take live action 4k Uncharted 4 gameplay video in real life.


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Special thanks to:

MILSIM City Airsoft for making this video happen!

Expedition One

Vincent Nordone: Nathan Drake

Renny Grames: Elena

Cameron Brock: Sully (Voice over)

Spencer Streuper: Moral Support

Tim Winn:
Sam Hudgins

Director: Zeb Jackson

Assistant Director: Boston McConnaughey

Stunt Coordinator: Chris Romrell

Sound Design: Nathan Hoffman

Behind the Scenes: Patrick Hayes

ALL the bad guys:

Bald Bad Guy: Zack Nelson

Archelaus Crisanto
Travis Petersen
Paul Hennefer
Rich Derrcott
Samuel Seegmiller
Chris Williams
Kent Lloyd
Jacob Young
Damien Fournier
Cameron Harford

Filmed with the Dji Inspire 1

Nathan Drake and Sully Voice over Recorded by: CCM Recording

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41 thoughts on “Uncharted 4 Game play in REAL LIFE

  1. What a terrible remake of uncharted 4 the actions Nathan Drake did on this were nothing like the game and he isn't that fat, plus the voices of Nate and Sully sound nothing like the game

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