What it's Like to Run a Video Game Store | Gnoggin

What it's Like to Run a Video Game Store | Gnoggin

Small video game stores are great, but have you ever wondered what it takes to run one? What kind of people do it? and what do they think of the future of this industry? Let’s ask a game store owner and see what he has to say.

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27 thoughts on “What it's Like to Run a Video Game Store | Gnoggin

  1. here's the thing: vinyl still sells as do CDs even in the age of spotify and itunes. people still buy rock n roll star tshirts and other similar gear. physical stuff will always sell.

  2. In England the equivalent to GameStop is GAME and I way prefer the local game shops because game only sells as far back as D's so for me it's next to useless aside for a few extremely occasional good deals. In conclusion GAME sucks (in my opinion.)

  3. A couple around here. Chumleighs and Iceman around here are thriving.

    I'll add that we have a mall that had a Walmart in it, and it was the most relevant, and popular of our 3 malls in town. However, when Walmart moved into their own building 90% of the stores in the mall went under, and the mall is now irrelevant. They couldn't even keep a Staples in it. Only the grocery store remains. So Walmart can cause other businesses to be successful as well.

  4. Man wish I had a game store like that. The only stores that sell games are Walmart, two Targets & a GameStop and they don't sell most of the things that store does.😩

  5. well i live in Serbia and there s no Gamestop there and i can assure you we have more locally owned stores than anything else the most popular is GameS and they are fair as hell and plus our currency is cheap as hell here s their website https://games.rs/

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