What the hymen?!

What the hymen?!

We’ve all HEARD of it, but what, in fact, is they hymen? Can you see it? Feel it? Does it have anything to do with “popping the cherry?” There are so many rumors and misconceptions about the hymen and vaginal penetration. I’ve got a demonstration as well as a few different facts to help you figure out the basics of that little piece of tissue that causes big angst.

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  1. Hymen is not something that breaks , it’s extra tissue remnant from development of the birth canal, not everyone have any pieces at all. Nothing changes in the vagina after the estrogen surge in puberty where the tract is fully formed and these skin pieces on the sides atrophies away. if something bleeds during sex it’s vaginal tears caused by dryness. it’s not normal to bleed during sex in any way. There is no medical basis for this procedure other than to molest females and reduce their pleasure during sex.

  2. the chinese don't use tampons as they are scared of losing their hymen. to be most western women pop their cherry from 13 yrs and above. most Asian women pop their cherry when they get married. Which makes Asian women preferred women to marry as they are still pure. From a god point of view this is how it should be, from a human point of view do what you want we gods will send you back to earth as a women again as your free speech doesn't work after you die. You get told what to do next.

  3. First time hvng sex with may liv in partner its hurts but ders no bleeding dats y cant continue only his head of penis can enter not his whole penis body only his penis head.Y not bleeding but dis is only my frst tme.But i have history when may pussy acindent on sharp thing and chair is dis cos?.i fall down on sharp chair when o was in elementary and when iwas 19 i down on iron sharp when sundenly nid pis to anirola and may pussy can bleed po.when i touch my pussy my blood on my finger i saw.Pls doc inid answer po thnk u

  4. What I'm noticing is that there has been this "myth" about hymens that women and girls are overzealous about disproving and reality slips away in their attempts. Every female can be different from the next so there are a number of different forms of hymen. Some go to re-enforce how the "myth" (which isn't a myth but just applies to certain forms of hymen) and some counter the "myth". Another video showed 12 different shapes that hymens come in and though rare, a couple forms may require a doctor to modify in order to continue being healthy. I'm mostly referring to the imperforate hymen (that is very rare) that doesn't have an opening for menstrual blood to exit the vagina. When a girl first starts having a menstrual cycle and no blood is coming out or she begins to have discomfort or pain, she should take a mirror and make sure that there is an opening at the bottom between the urethra and the perineum. Check out other videos to see the different forms to see which one looks most like yours. If you have an imperforate hymen, you need to tell your mother, and then she will help you to get the help you need. If you don't have that type, then most likely you have nothing to worry about. Please don't jump to conclusions after only watching one video about different forms or "myths" about hymens because anybody can make a video and put it on here. So that is where a lot of bad information comes from.

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