What Your Blood Type Says About You and Why You Should Know It | NBC10 Philadelphia

What Your Blood Type Says About You and Why You Should Know It | NBC10 Philadelphia

A recent survey shows many people don’t know much about their blood type. Roseanne Silver, with Any Lab Test Now, explains why people should know their blood type and how knowing could influence healthier lifestyle choices.

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29 thoughts on “What Your Blood Type Says About You and Why You Should Know It | NBC10 Philadelphia

  1. They seem to be charging for this where you can go to the Red Cross and donate and Learn your blood type without paying. Meanwhile giving a life giving donation.

  2. you don't need to give no tube of blood just to find out what blood type you are you only need is a few drops of blood we did this back in high school

  3. Wow instead of educate people they give miss information by saying that type O blood is universal donor. That’s incorrect, only type O- NEGATIVE are universal donors.

  4. You don't NEED a tube of blood. You can buy an Eldon Card for about 10 dollars USA from Amazon. Follow the directions. They are accurate IF you do it correctly. I suggest watching a few vids first here at YouTube.

  5. They NEVER touch on the FACT that the Rhesus NEG is NOT of the SAME …. O does NOT cover the O-. Most have no freaking idea what they are talking about in these news reports or in the labs. The Rh Negative O, A, B and AB will NOT react the SAME!

  6. Blood type discussions that take into consideration only the blood group A-B-AB-O with no consideration of the Rhesus Factor (positive vs negative) are worthless.
    It is WRONG to say that blood group O is the universal donor. Try transfusing an O- individual with O+ blood and see what happens…. Most likely the receiver will die.
    It is common knowledge that O Rh Negative is the TRUE and ONLY universal donor.
    Tbe lab person interviewed in this video is a total incompetent. Thankfully, true medical staff in charge of blood transfusions know their stuff and will never transfuse a rhesus negative individual with rhesus positive blood.

  7. Ok I wonder if someone could explain my blood type? I am 0- DM positive. I can not find anything out about this type. I am also rh negative. Is this a rare type? Thanks for any help.

  8. I am A-
    One thing I have noticed about the negative’s is most suffer from immune issues. Such as lupus, RA, fibromyalgia.
    Most O’s I know rarely get sick.
    Just an observation.

  9. I’m pretty certain B- should be included I never caught Covid and been in crowds unmasked and I’m fine and my hubby is o- him too never got it

  10. This is why I tend not to watch MSM, their 'experts' give out wrong information. A simple google search will tell you O negative is the universal donor, not type O. If you go to Red Cross to donate they will 'type' you if you don't know it yourself. Great commercial.

  11. Fucking ridiculous. Maybe teach actual science and not PC/MSM bullshit like boys can be girls and boys can get pregnant. The world laughs at us and gets smarter than us everyday.

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