Why do we get fat - Why do we gain weight as we get older? - How To Lose Weight

Why do we get fat – Why do we gain weight as we get older? – How To Lose Weight

In this video I discuss why do we get fat, and why do we gain weight as we get older and how to lose weight. Our metabolism slows, we become less active and lead a sedentary lifestyle, and our relationship with food changes.

Transcript (partial)

Generally, At 6 months an infant’s birth weight has doubled, and tripled by their 1st birthday. As an infant gets older, growth continues. In fact, Growth in height usually stops at age about age 16 for females and around 22 for males.

Bones, organs and other body tissues are getting larger, and lean body muscle is developed. All of this growth requires energy, and where does the body get energy from? Food, of course.

So, when we are young, with all of the growth taking place, most, if not all of the food we eat, is being used as energy to fuel this growth. And that means that not much, if any, fat storage is taking place.

Once this growth period stops, we are at our physical peak, and the body enters a simple maintenance stage. So, now that high energy requirement, starts to decline, and continues to decline as we get older, that is, unless WE OURSELVES, do something about it.

Next lets shift gears and look at the typical activity level of a person over the course of their life. As an infant and small child we start to crawl and eventually walk.

As kids get older they typically continue to be very active, going to the playground, playing around with their friends outside, getting into sports, and riding their bikes everywhere. They are still running around and being active all the time.

Then, adolescence and teen years hit, and their activity level may increase a bit, because they are still hanging out with friends and usually doing physical activities or at least moving around a lot.

Next up is college years and mid twenties. Here, the activity level may stay the same or decline slightly, but most 20-somethings are still relatively active and many have more labor or physical type jobs.

Then the late twenties and 30’s hit, and here is usually where we see a significant change in activity level. Many people have settled into a desk job, where they are sitting most of the day.

Going out with friends usually means going to a bar, restaurant or grilling out at someone’s house, with very little to no physical movement at all.

Now let’s look at the 3rd part of our puzzle, I am going to call it computer programming. The brain is absorbing and learning, I like to think of it as computer code is be written into it.

It is being programmed with educational information, learning to dealing with people, understanding right and wrong, and it is also developing relationships. Relationships with family, friends, teachers, pets, and it is also being programmed to develop a relationship with food.

As a child, we are often told, make sure you eat, you are growing and you need to eat to grow. But as a kid, we don’t care about food, except candy of course, we want to go play with our friends, and explore the world.

But, on our journey into adulthood, we are taught a lot of things about food. We often get rewarded with fast food or ice cream after our sporting event or some type of accomplishment. We learn to love junk food and soda pop.

Now celebrations and birthdays are celebrated at someone’s favorite restaurant where everyone can sit and talk and not be active. Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, it is all about the food.

This reward system of food and our exposure to bad foods, or only eating foods that taste good, regardless of their nutritional value gets written, or coded into our brains.

Food isn’t taught from a nutritional standpoint, but rather from an enjoyment standpoint. We aren’t taught about vitamins and minerals and portion sizes. We aren’t taught that food is for energy and nutrients; we are taught that food is about comfort.

When we reach full adulthood, we have been programmed with the perspective that food is for comfort and taste, not its nutritional value. Our main concerns on a daily basis are our family, our job, and what delicious food we are going to enjoy today. This is programmed into the brain now.

So, now it is time to bring all three segments together. We have a continuous decline in metabolic activity after growth has peaked, we have a very similar pattern with a declining activity level, and we have our jaded personal relationship with food. Folks, those are the 3 main factors of why we gain weight as we get older.

There is some great news though; all of these things can be changed. You can increase your metabolic rate, you can become more active, and you can change your relationship with food.

0:00 Growth of the body
1:20 Energy used by the body over time
2:28 18 year old vs 38 year old energy used
3:20 Activity level over lifespan
5:03 How lifestyle patterns are developed over time
7:26 3 reasons we gain weight with age
7:59 How to change your lifestyle

41 thoughts on “Why do we get fat – Why do we gain weight as we get older? – How To Lose Weight

  1. Hey, got to ask. Is riding around on bikes and going to party’s really what a 5 year old would do. Like I don’t remember riding a bike at 5, or anyone I knew, it was all about video games.

    Do you think cars a big issue as well, like kids don’t walk really anymore by the time their at school.

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  3. Id fasted for a whole month with just water and basic exercise like walking, running, situps, and pushups ets.. It worked pretty well for me. All of my fat had been replaced with lean muscle and am 38 right now.

  4. I wish Endocern. Would see this I've been in 15 months finding a Dr.
    that knows ABOUT this study, I started out graves disease w/nodule was treated w/ nuclear radioact. Iodine treatment.
    But I've been told t3, t4 is to be at level 300 lab. This is life messed up!

  5. The thing about food perspective is so off. We don’t care about taste-we are weak, tired, in a bad mood because low calorie diets leave you in that state.

  6. Excellent video. I do wonder though why are appetites don’t decrease with the slowing of our metabolisms. That would make us less likely to gain weight in our older years.

  7. What’s the best part of the day to exercise in order to burn most body fat? Would it be at the end of the day? As all the available energy (glucose) in the blood gets burnt with the exercise and then when sleeping the fat gets de integrated?

  8. "I am not fat , I am full of energy ya' know " lazy person said Hahahaha

    Starting to this day , Im gonna eat healthy foods and do exercise . Thank you for this video , I feel motivated haha

  9. This is very informative and well-intended, but personally I grew up without any sort of physical activity and started drinking alcohol at a very young age. I was only eating shitty junk foods until I got into college and realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I became more physically active at 24-25 and I am hoping to make a stricter habit out of it for the future. But food is hard to give up on and alcohol as well 😞

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