Why Metal Gear Solid 5 is Disappointing

Why Metal Gear Solid 5 is Disappointing

The only one going nuclear here, is me. (This critique contains spoilers for the entire Metal Gear Series. All MGSV spoilers are between 10:29 and 13:20).

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  1. For some of you baby geniuses jumping to conclusions: Huey needs to be alive for Metal Gear Solid 2 because he's a pivotal plot point in Otacon and Emma's backstory. His death is already explained in that game!

    Some of you guys need to play these games first before trying to imply I don't know the difference between Huey and Hal.

  2. The boss fights and story are lacking.. But the gameplay is so buttery smooth though. It's a good looking production as well. Wouldn't mind a MGS 1 remake on this engine.
    I did miss Quiet when she disappeared.. I think It gave me anxiety.. I couldn't believe it.

  3. I will stand by the fact that the jeep ride with Skullface is one of the most awfully executed moments in any video game I've ever played.

    Also, fans of the "gameplay" of Phantom Pain probably are mistaking the game mechanics, which are admittedly great.

    But the gameplay itself, as mentioned in the video, are so mundane and awful. 90% of the game is doing random tasks for no story reason at all, and could be in any random action stealth game on the market.

  4. I Think It's Cause Kojima Need To Leave Konami Immedietly, So He Muster All His Strength On Phantom Pain To End This Series Game.
    Yes, The Phantom Pain Is Disappointing Us, The Narative Is Not Good Like Previous Series, But Atleast Kojima Could End This Series And Make Konami Couldn't Even Touch The Main Series Anymore So They Can't Make It Even Worse Like MG Survive, And Of Course Im Disappointed With The Phantom Pain, But… For Kojima, Thanks For 30 Years Just To Entertain Us (Sorry If I Wrong)

  5. I agree with your take on 5 but you are COMPLETELY wrong about 4. It is way worst than 5 and even the creators of MGS would agree. So I know you want to have a different take on YouTube so ppl can watch your videos, but stop 4 is a mess and you know it.

  6. I haven't played it, but terrain association is a big part of real life missions. Maybe that's why the sandbox in the same areas.

  7. It sucks, but we still play it, no one truly doesn't play MGSV.
    Even TheRussianBadger. I play it because it's really Realistic without playing as, Venom Snake, play as the Mother Base members.
    TTP took the more 2011 gameplay, hiding in cove every 10 seconds, running from guys with huge armor. It's called V for a reason, because it's Kojima's game. Fuck My english.

  8. Can we just pretend this game never existed and guns of the patriot was the end..such a let down…eapecially with all the emotions from part 4..then to be expecting a worldwind of emotions to new console one..only to be in confusion..this is not metal gear konami!

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